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9/11 – A Cheap Magic Trick

How false flag attacks are manufactured by the world's elite.


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Norman Mineta testified before the 9/11 commission that Dick Cheney was in a secure bunker on 9/11. (Click on video below) Cheney monitored whatever was headed for the Pentagon when it was 50 miles out. He never called for air cover from Andrews Air Force Base – a base less than 10 miles away. He never activated the antiaircraft guns that surround the Pentagon. Cheney, Bush, and their friends in the oil business and at Halliburton cleaned up in Iraq. No bid contracts. Unlimited access to Iraqi oil. Plenty of money to go around for everyone in on this ‘mob hit’.

911BushCheneyRumsfeldIf you still believe the official story about 9/11, you need to watch this video.

Click for more information Explosive Truth about WTC Destruction

pentagon&planeWhat really hit the Pentagon? The trajectory that the plane would have needed to follow in order to cause the damage it did does not match eyewitness accounts. Data from the plane’s blackbox shows the plane as being too high to have hit the building. Was a globalhawk used to damage the Pentagon in addition to preplanted explosives? Why was Dick Cheney down in the bunker monitoring the plane headed for the Pentagon? Why weren’t any planes scrambled from nearby bases? Why didn’t any anti-aircraft guns shoot the plane down? Why did all those responsible for 9/11 get promotions instead of being fired ?

Click on the link to see this video: National Security Alert

Welcome to 9/11  A Cheap Magic Trick.

Here you will find out how governments use trickery to frighten people into obedience.

If you can’t stand the truth, then this is not the place for you.

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