Everyone loves watching a skilled magician. They are able to misdirect us long enough to carry out tricks that amuse and astound us. Our leaders also understand magic and are able to construct large scale magic tricks that mold public opinion and justify their subsequent actions.

9/11 was an example of this.

What is magic anyway? Most magic tricks are performed using distraction and misdirection of the audience’s attention. For example, if a magician wants to do a card trick he will often look in a different direction than his hands knowing the audience will follow suit. While looking elsewhere, the trick is performed.

On 9/11 magic was used to trick the public into thinking that the events of that day happened exactly as we were told by the government and by the media despite the fact that the story made no sense once the shock of the day’s events had worn off. Prepared statements were given to the media and to government officials to set the stage for what was to become the ‘official story line’. Operatives were on the streets and ready to be interviewed in order to misdirect the public’s attention regarding who was to blame. Within 3 days the FBI had supposedly identified all 19 hijackers even though it took them months to identify those who had actually died in the attacks. Video warnings from Osama Bin Laden, a long time CIA operative, were aired on television in order to help us visualize the enemy.

The trick worked for awhile. In shock over what had happened, Americans were easily led to believe the 9/11 magic act despite the fact that it violated common sense, several laws of physics, and the testimony of survivors. As more time has gone by, however, it has become easier to see that we were duped on 9/11 and that those who tricked us were the same ones who carried out the event.