How were we tricked on 9/11?

The planes that hit the World Trade Center buildings were a diversion from the real cause of their collapse: explosives planted in the buildings – tons of explosives. Our attention was drawn to the planes, of course, because videos of them hitting the buildings were shown over and over again on television in order to imprint them on our memory. Coupled with these videos were ‘instant experts’ who immediately appeared on television and in the print medium to tell us who carried out the crime. These experts reinforced the ‘official version’ of events by reiterating the same story over and over and by adding to the story as new pieces of information were ‘revealed’ to the public.

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The damage at the Pentagon was of a similar nature. In all likelihood what happened was that explosives were planted in that part of the building where the plane was supposed to hit. Witnesses did see a plane headed for the Pentagon but the preplanted explosives went off just shortly before the plane arrived – thus giving the illusion that the plane had actually hit the building. Most witnesses were so mesmerized by the explosions that they never saw the plane fly through the smoke and over the building.

Notice that the same illusion was used in both Washington and New York. A diversion was created (the plane) while the real cause of the death and destruction was explosives. These explosives could only have been planted by those who had access to not only the explosives but to the buildings themselves.

That leaves the plane that went down in Shanksville, Pennsylvania to be explained. The plane had a target – probably building 7 in New York – but the plane had to be destroyed because something went wrong. Without a real investigation, it is difficult to say what happened to the plane and its passengers.