On 9/11 the American public went into shock as the day’s events unfolded. Extremely vulnerable to suggestion and lacking any independent sources of information, we passively accepted the government’s version of :

what happened
who was responsible
and what our response should be

Those few people who did raise questions were instantly labeled as crazy, unpatriotic, or, as George Bush put it, “with the terrorists.” Doing so ensured that no real debate would occur and people would self-censor themselves in order not to appear to be accomplices to murder.

But ask some basic questions. The picture on the left is of a high rise steel frame building in Madrid that caught fire in 2005 and burned for over 12 hours. That’s what a building on fire looks like. When the fire was finally put out, what remained of the building is pictured on the right. Guess what? The steel frame remained intact, there were no billowing clouds of concrete, and the building didn’t collapse.

In contrast, on 9/11 the World Trade Center towers were smoking but not on fire.

The fires were so minimal in fact that in one of the buildings, a woman is seen standing in the opening left by the plane.

Firefighters in the buildings also reported to their superiors that they thought they could knock the fire down with a few water lines.

Yet within two hours of being stuck, both buildings collapsed. No steel frame was left. No stacks of concrete floors remained. The buildings were reduced to dust and a few cut beams.

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