Many people experience cognitive dissonance when discussing the idea that the American government orchestrated 9/11.

This despite the fact that there is now an undisputable body of scientific evidence that confirms the government’s role in 9/11. Nonetheless there is a need by the public to believe that the government is their protector.

To have to acknowledge that people within the government knowingly murdered 3,000 Americans for political and financial gain would not only be traumatic but would require a fundamental paradigm shift. No longer would the government be seen as protector. Instead it would be seen for what it is – a threat.

How did we arrive at a point where people have stopped reasoning and instead engage in magical thinking?

It came about gradually after several generations of Americans were subject to brainwashing via the public schools and the mass media. The American public is as much a mental captive of their programming as anyone living in a communist country. Such programming not only includes allowable content but instructions on what people are and aren’t allowed to think about which is why even well-educated people don’t question the government’s 9/11 story despite the fact that it violates several basic laws of physics and common sense.

One video that sheds some light on the process of brainwashing features an ex-KGB agent. Click to watch the video
The question remains whether people want to pursue the truth – regardless of where it takes them – or if they want to be like slaves in Plato’s cave and simply enjoy the shadow play.

The shadow play is what the media and the government told us happened on 9/11. But if we look behind the screen we see that it is a play and who the players really are.