It’s easy to forget the victims of 9/11. The firefighters and police who rushed in to rescue people and were trapped in the buildings as they crashed down on them. The people who worked in the buildings and were told by the authorities that everything was fine and they should return to work. Those who planned 9/11 wanted casulties so they lied in order to get people to go back into the WTC buildings.

As a reminder of all those who died so horribly that day, below is a recording of one man calling 911 from one of the World Trade Center Towers shortly before the building imploded.

Some people chose to jump to their deaths rather than remain in the buildings as explosions and smoke filled the rooms. Below is a video of some those people who lept to their deaths.

Then there are all those rescue workers and residents of New York who were told it was safe to work in the rubble of the WTC and who have subsequently developed cancer and died.

Since 9/11 more people may die because of the after effects of the asbestos and other chemicals dispersed that day than died in the buildings.

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