Idealized Cell Phone Coverage for a Typical Cellular Tower

Part of the official narrative of 9/11 is that numerous cell phone calls were made by people in the hijacked planes.

However there are several problems with these alleged calls. One is that cells phones don’t work at high altitudes and many of the hijacked airliners didn’t have seatback phones.

So the question arises as to how the calls were made or if they were made at all.

There is also an oddity in that most of the reported callers in the hijacked jets were calm and collect and people on the other end of the line heard little or no background noise. During most of the calls, they didn’t hear other passengers talking or crying or screaming even though they were in the middle of an extremely stressful event. (Read more by clicking here.)

On Flight 11, for example, calls were purportedly made by two flight attendants. Those receiving the calls reported both flight attendants as being very calm. One flight attendant said Mace spray had been used and complained of not being able to breathe. According to a report in The New York Times, she “could not have sounded much calmer.”

On Flight 175 three people reportedly made phone calls. One flight attendant made a call but his composure was unremarked upon. The other callers either talked to someone directly or left a message. In both cases the caller was calm and composed.

Two people were supposed to have made calls from Flight 77: a flight attendant and Barbara Olson. Olson was the wife of Ted Olson, then US solicitor general. He stated that she made two phone calls to him.

According to Olson, his wife “sounded very, very calm. … In retrospect, enormously, remarkably, incredibly calm.” However at the trial of Zacarias Moussaoui in 2006, the FBI admitted that no completed calls were made by Barbara Olson to her husband. So either Olson was duped or he lied about the calls.

On flight 93, 12 passengers were said to have made phone calls. Most of the callers were described as being calm and there was little or no background noise in the majority of the calls which is remarkable considering what the government later told us was taking place aboard the hijacked airliner.

In this video clip, David Ray Griffin discusses the problems with the purported cell phone calls on 9/11.

So how to account for these seemingly phantom cell phone calls? One suggestion is that the Department of Defense used voice morphing technology to simulate the voices of people on the planes. To do so they would have needed a voice sample of some of those aboard the planes and contact phone numbers.

This voice morphing technology was actually demonstrated in 1999 and was discussed in an article published in the Washington Post. Click here to read it.

Is this how family members and co-workers were fooled?

Click here to read a more detailed accounting by David Ray Griffin of the 9/11 phone calls.