In John Perkins’ book, Confessions of an Economic Hitman, Perkins describes how the American empire was created at the behest of the international bankers and multinational corporations which he calls the corporatocracy.

Perkins’ job for the corporatocracy was to be an ‘economic hitman’. He was hired to persuade the leaders of different governments to take out huge loans to build large infrastructure projects in their countries. These leaders would, in turn, get substantial kickbacks for agreeing to these projects. Then multinational corporations like Bechtel and Halliburton would get the building contracts and the banks would earn billions in interest payments. Meanwhile the population in these countries got the bill which impoverished rather than benefited them.

In those countries where the leaders would not play ball, the ‘jackals’ were called in. These were CIA contractors who would either forment a revolution to depose the current leader or would arrange for the leader to die in an ‘accident’. In the video below, Perkins describes how he was recruited into being an economic hitman and what his job was.

In this second video, Perkins discusses why America attacked Iraq and Afghanistan and why it has plans to attack other oil rich countries such as Iran and Venezuela.