Flight 93 crash site.

On 9/11, Flight 93 out of Newark, New Jersey was hijacked and crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

We were later told by the government that during the flight the passengers became aware of what was happening elsewhere in the country because of phone calls they had made to relatives and co-workers. They then tried to wrestle control of the plane from the hijackers but died in the attempt.

However different eyewitnesses to the crash report that parts of the plane were falling away midair and later plane parts were actually found 6 to 8 miles from the crash site. Several eyewitnesses also reported seeing a second plane in the area that morning. One without any markings.

The site of the crash was also remarkable for its lack of debris. Like the mysteriously missing plane at the Pentagon, Flight 93 seemed to disappear into an abandoned mine shaft.

Raising additional questions is the fact that there was a second crash site several miles away that was not generally reported in the media.

Wayne Madsen, a free-lance journalist, maintains that two planes were shot down in Shanksville on 9/11 – a Global Hawk and Flight 93. If that is the case, that would account for the lack of debris at the ‘official site’ and the second investigation area which was sealed off from public view.