PTECH, 9/11, and USA-SAUDI TERROR – Part I

PROMIS Connections to Cheney Control of 9/11 Attacks Confirmed

by Jamey Hecht
With research assistance by Michael Kane
and editorial comment by Michael C. Ruppert

FTW: You said at the 9/11 Citizens’ Commission hearings, you mentioned – it’s on page 139 of transcript – that Ptech was with Mitre Corporation in the basement of the FAA for 2 years prior to 9/11 and their specific job was to look at interoperability issues the FAA had with NORAD and the Air Force, in case of an emergency.

Indira Singh: Yes, I have a good diagram for that.

FTW: And that relationship had been going on mediated by Ptech for 2 years prior to 9/11. You elsewhere say that the Secret Service is among the government entities that had a contract with Ptech. Mike Ruppert’s thesis in Crossing the Rubicon, as you know, is that the software that was running information between FAA & NORAD was superseded by a parallel, subsuming, version of itself that was being run by the Secret Service on state of the art parallel equipment in the PEOC with a nucleus of Secret Service personnel around Cheney. In your view, might it have been the case that Cheney was using Ptech to surveil the function of the people in FAA & NORAD who wanted to do their jobs on 9/11, and then intervene to turn off the legitimate response?

Indira Singh: Is it possible from a software point of view? Absolutely it’s possible. Did he (Cheney) have such a capability? I don’t know. But that’s the ideal risk scenario – to have an overarching view of what’s going on in data. That’s exactly what I wanted for JP Morgan. You know what’s ironic about this – I wanted to take my operational risk blueprint which is for an operational event going wrong and I wanted to make it generic for extreme event risk to surveil across intelligence networks. What you’re describing is something that I said, ‘boy if we had this in place maybe 9/11 wouldn’t have happened.’ When I was going down to DARPA and getting these guys excited about creating an extreme event risk blueprint to do this, I’m thinking of doing exactly what you’re saying Cheney might have already had!

I believe that Dick Cheney also had the ability using evolutions of the PROMIS software, to penetrate and override any other radar computer or communications system in the government.

– Mike Ruppert, in “Summation: Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury,” from Crossing The Rubicon, p.592

[Few have grasped the overall long-term significance of the saga of PROMIS software and what it has become. When I reported on it in October 2000, after meeting with and assisting members of the RCMP’s National Security Staff I was aware that – in terms of secret technologies – PROMIS and its evolutions were the lynchpin of every new military, scientific and financial advance being pursued by the US government and corporate sector. PROMIS progeny have become the “operating system” underlying data management and data mining for every major technology under development in all arenas of technological advance from medicine, to finance, to surveillance, to battlefield Command, Control and Communications or C3.

In the long ordeal to secure a publisher for Crossing the Rubicon, my agent and I went through a number of publishers who expressed keen interest in the book. The problem was that almost every one we dealt with came back to us and said, “We’d like to publish the book but we need for you to remove certain things.” By a great margin, it was our chapter on PROMIS and my many subsequent references to it that appeared to be public enemy number one for mainstream publishers (most owned by multi-national corporations).

By definition, PROMIS progeny are the backbone of a current DoD plan to develop a “Godlike” view of all human (or battlefield) activity from space. They are also inherently a part of the data processing being envisioned for advanced space weapons requiring machines to think as they share data in virtual real time. MIT in a recent scientific publication titled “Space Weapons: Crossing the US Rubicon”(a possible tip of the hat to my book) described a number of capabilities to which FTW referred in our October 2000 story on PROMIS, including a statement that space is “the ultimate high ground.”

The MIT article also contains a reference to one of the greatest fears expressed by all who wonder what hidden technologies might be making the Neocons so brazen in their attempts at bullying the world into submission: “On the other hand, the prospect of weapons in orbit-poised to strike anywhere on the globe at any time-has elicited vigorous opposition, both in the United States and abroad.”45 The Neocons have placed their faith in technologies we have only begun to evaluate and discuss, and this is an area needing much additional research by authentic journalists.

Iran is a much more industrialized and automated nation than the ruin and rubble of Iraq. What if Donald Rumsfeld believed that he could use computers through the Internet to turn off all of the power generating stations supplying Tehran? What if Dick Cheney could shut down all of the computerized pumping, pipeline, refining and chemical technology used to keep Iran’s oil flowing to the rest of the world? This is how the American, British and Israeli elites (including corporations) think and how they plan.

All three countries have long, deep and continuous links to PROMIS software. As time passes it is beginning to appear that PROMIS is literally what made possible not only 9/11, but everything that has followed since and what is being planned.

Recently the New York Times published a story about how the US military was envisioning a costly new “Internet” in space to control all military operations worldwide, calling it a “God’s-eye view” of battle. Called Global Information Grid or GIG, this new platform performs the exact functions we described in an FTW article more than four years ago. Then we were called delusional conspiracy theorists. Four years later we are shown to have been right on the money.

Giant, expensive technology programs like SDI and GIG are sometimes neither wasteful porkbarrels nor the actual instruments that are presented to the public; instead, they are some third thing nobody knows about. This is the way large black projects are funded.

Total Information Awareness or TIA, an Orwellian nightmare of data mining that uses PROMIS-evolved technologies and artificial intelligence, is now operating and able to incorporate vastly divergent data bases of personal information on private citizens from computer systems using different languages in near-real-time. Every bit of personal information from grocery shopping habits to driving records, credit reports, credit card transactions and medical records is now almost instantly accessible. Access will be expedited and broadened to local law enforcement agencies when what will become a national ID card comes into being. That will happen as driver’s licenses are standardized nationwide (following the recent intelligence reform act) to include a simple UPC-like code that will allow approved agencies to get all of our data. The surveillance and intervention capabilities of PROMIS progeny can now be used to prohibit a credit card purchase or (soon) prevent someone from boarding a commercial aircraft. These capabilities could also be used to empty a private bank account or – when coupled with biometric face recognition technology – prevent you from making a withdrawal from your bank or even buying food.

In every one of these software applications there are two themes: machines that “talk” to each other and artificial intelligence. (Please see Crossing the Rubicon). As you will see below, these capabilities are now known to exist.

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