“Building what?” – Judge Edward Lehner upon hearing mention of WTC Building 7

The “BuildingWhat?” Television Advertising Campaign is a movement-wide effort cosponsored by several 9/11 truth organizations and leaders to blanket New York City in the week of September 20, 2010 with television advertisements featuring footage of Building 7’s collapse.


· The fundraising drive will run from August 11th until September 11th.

· As a 501(c)(3), AE911Truth will be the fundraising vehicle, making all contributions tax-deductible!

· AE911Truth will receive 5% of the funds raised, another 5% will go to the WTC Rescuers Foundation, and the remaining 90% will go toward ad placement, web design and press releases.

Scope of the Ad Campaign

At an average cost of $750 per 30-second ad, and an average viewership of 10,000 people per ad, $500,000 minus expenses will allow for approximately 5.5 million individual views. The number of people who would see the ad at least once would be around 1 million.

Why New York

To have an immediate and major impact, the first advertising campaign will be concentrated in one location. In addition to being where the events took place, New York City is the best location because it makes up 6.5% of US television viewers, it is the media capital of the country, and New York City’s government provides the best chance for an official investigation to be started in the foreseeable future. Many local officials have been educated about Building 7 and are waiting for greater public support before taking action. After the New York campaign is finished we will begin fundraising for the next campaign in a city to be determined.

Description of the Ad

The ad will be produced by John Kirby, creator of both NYC CAN ads, “Vote For Answers” and “A Message from Bob McIlvaine.” The ad will be shot and edited in a similar style to the NYC CAN ads, featuring a handful of 9/11 family members together with the most compelling footage of Building 7. The ad will be unveiled next Friday, August 27! Stay tuned!


Over one million New Yorkers will see Building 7’s collapse for the first time and tens of thousands will go to BuildingWhat.org for more information. The website will be a visually stunning, user-friendly journey through the most essential information about Building 7. It will open with a 90-second video intro featuring 9/11 family members and David Ray Griffin telling the story of Building 7, including the origin in a New York City courtroom of the expression, “Building what?”, interspersed with news footage from 9/11.

What You Can Do

1) Donate generously!

2) Tell your friends to donate generously!

3) Help us find matching contributors! Do you know someone who would be able to match 2% or 5% or even 20% of everything that is raised? Can you match a percentage? Please let us know so that when we unveil the ad on August 27 we can boost the fundraising drive with the promise of matching contributions!

Go to BuildingWhat.org

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