By Gordon Duff
Veterans Today
Nov. 16, 2010


This week, Geraldo Rivera was foiled in his attempt to “contain” the 9/11 movement, something exploding around the world. A Herald Sun poll in Australia the week before, 10,000 respondents, showed 78% support for 9/11 being an “inside job.” A reasonable estimate for Americans is likely to approach the same figure.

Fox News now “owns” 9/11 as much as they own Glen Beck. First, Judge Napolitano “outed” the phony investigation now Geraldo Rivera has taken a strong stand on the ( Building 7 demolition issue. If you put both shows together, they lead to the most frightening coverup in modern history and a clear evidentiary trail, one Fox News has exposed. Why, then, is the door opened and then closed again? Why are we “dancing around” as though 9/11 were a joke? When we talk Building 7 and explosions, the specific issue that Geraldo Rivera and Fox News are now ready to accept as “very possible,” we are talking murder.

When the relatives of the dead from Building 7 are seen on the television commercial, they are telling us, as was done on Geraldo, that their family members died in explosions that were purposefully set. As there is more than “probable” cause that the explosions that killed so many were purposeful and extremely criminal, real terrorism, real murder and we can easily find who is responsible, why are we “dancing around?”

When Rivera accuses demonstrators of being “nut jobs” two years ago, he is showing his own ignorance. He believes, as he is saying now, that since qualified engineers are now doubting the official explanation, anyone demonstrating “now” is not a “not job” at all. What the ignorant narcissist fool Rivera is missing, of course, is that when the demonstrators he attack were out there, two years ago, engineers and architects had long ago come forward, not two years ago, not five years ago. To Rivera, there is no reality, there is no truth, until “he” learns of it. Where in hell do we find people like this.

I keep seeing him unearthing the secret “Al Capone” bunker in Chicago. This is the same Geraldo Rivera.


Rivera tried, during the show, to “sucker” the parent of a Building 7 murder victim into a 2 minute discussion of 9/11 as an “inside job” knowing quite well he would be able to get a quick attack in. Rivera was outwitted as the video shows, cut off at the legs. Why would Rivera do this?

When we say “inside job,” we mean the US government but also we mean Israel. It was an Israeli team that was arrested filming 9/11, openly admitting they knew in advance. Israel also admitted they knew about the 1982 Beirut bombing that killed 224 Marines. With “dual citizens” involved in planning the “war on terror,” surrounding and advising Bush and Cheney every step of the way, it is impossible to say “inside job” without saying “Israel did it” as we hear from Dr. Alan Sabrosky and journalist Alan Hart.

It was easy to see where Rivera was heading, you could hear the hate in his voice when he played the clip from two years ago. Rivera owes them an apology but failed to see the irony of his own confusion. Of course, Rivera could have an agenda.


Mr. Rivera leaves more than a few things out of his story. The Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, the group he is now behind, don’t just say Building 7 was a “mystery,” they say all three buildings were engineering impossibilities, even or perhaps “especially” those hit by planes. The buildings were constructed to withstand, with no structural damage whatsoever, hits by larger planes than these. When we say “no structural damage” we aren’t talking about them falling down.

Similarly, the Pentagon attack is, is possible, even more obvious than Building 7. The reason building 7 is chosen is because there is enough hard evidence already to make arrests, enough evidence for criminal convictions for premeditated murder. The case for Building 7 is there and those who could be arrested would shock the world. This is why every move for any inquiry is crushed. It would bring the world to a stop, for a brief second at least.

It would also leave the world better, safer and cleaner. Nobody at Fox News wants that.


On July 7, 2005, bombs went off all over London. An exhaustive Wikipedia article, carefully orchestrating the “spin,” blaming the bombings on Osama bin Laden, now known to have been dead for 4 years at the time, is an interesting read. However, the families of those who died have been screaming “false flag” all along. The timing, when Tony Blair was facing an election and a no-confidence vote on Iraq, was curious. Some aspects of the bombing, in particular, the one bus which seemed purposefully rerouted, have millions of Britons up in arms.

Were there not “theories” that contradict the cursory and seemingly “planned in advance” investigation, the violent reactions by the government to requests for a new investigation have, in themselves, brought many to questioning the official story. As with 9/11, it isn’t that Geraldo Rivera is reassessing his opinions, it is that he is doing it nearly a decade later after having every bit of evidence he is now claiming he has just learned about at his disposal for years and years. Rivera, heaven forbid, is a journalist, and has personally heard the engineering doubts about 9/11 dozens of times for many years.

Is Rivera more an actor? Rodeo clown?


Covering up 9/11 is key to Israel’s foreign policy. If they are blamed, America will turn on them as journalist Franklin Lamb warned this week. Rivera, an Israeli citizen, has reason to have an agenda especially since he works for Fox News, owned by Rupert Murdoch, another Israeli citizen. Rivera? Murdoch?

Simply put, if 9/11 was an inside job, Israel was there every step of the way and so was Fox News. Now they are trying to “spin” the story, control it, make murder a joke.

Murder is not a joke. Building 7 was demolished with explosives placed there long before 9/11. Rivera admits as much. Watch the video.

This is premeditated murder. Last time we checked, this was a crime in New York City.