Note: It was David Chandler’s analysis that forced NIST to admit that during part of Building Seven’s descent, it was falling at free fall speed which is impossible unless the structural support for the the building was being systemically destroyed by a controlled demolition. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Written by Michael Cook
January 7, 2011

There are several outstanding leaders in the 9/11 truth movement. High school and community college physics instructor David Chandler has found his place among them. With 30 years of experience teaching physics, math, and astronomy in a variety of schools in the US and India, Chandler easily guides the layperson through the basic physics of 9/11. His articulate, detailed website, co-produced with AE911Truth’s Jon Cole, another prominent contributor to our mission, provides valuable documentation of the controlled demolition of all three WTC skyscrapers. For instance, he has produced a premier article on Building 7 which he says presents physics at the level of “the first month of a high school physics course” in a Resistance Radio interview with Tod Fletcher. The NIST report on Building 7 is inconsistent with basic physics as we know it. Chandler notes “if the NIST report on Building 7 had been turned in by a first-year student in one of my classes, it would have received a D or an F.” Its 1,000 pages of error, negligence, and fraud are exposed by Chandler’s simple, historic papers and videos.

Chandler has just released a new DVD which is a well-edited compilation of his many videos that spells out in no uncertain terms some of the physically impossible and obviously false features of the official explanation for what transpired on 9/11, as they relate to the Twin Towers and WTC 7.

This DVD is now for sale in the AE911Truth online store.

NIST, when confronted publicly with evidence produced by Chandler, finally admitted in their November 2008 Final Report that WTC 7 fell for 2.25 seconds in free-fall, but they brushed off this newly acknowledged fact as being “consistent with the results of the global collapse analysis,” despite Sunder’s earlier statement. Thus, the NIST simulation and analysis represented a multi-million-dollar effort to avoid explaining what really happened.

Many other physics analyses are presented by Chandler on his website, applying the laws of physics to WTC 7 and the Twin Towers. For a more detailed account of the unexplained features of the destruction of WTC Building 7, see the article on page 1.

The North Tower’s Destruction: Race with Gravity

Using measurements from network television videos, Chandler was able to show that a series of what he describes as “demolition waves” travels down the side of the North Tower (WTC 1) even faster, at times, than the debris falling through air outside the Tower. This officially unexplained phenomenon can be seen in the video clips, Race with Gravity, and more recently Acceleration + Serendipity, at Chandler’s website. Either something is moving through the building as fast as the debris is falling through air, or what we are seeing is a wave of timed explosions. This wave of ejections is the fastest-moving feature of the collapse, racing far ahead of the overall building collapse.

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