Jan 30th 2011
By Kevin Ryan

Nothing moves through the path of most resistance, and certainly not the human mind. A recent article written by journalist Robert Parry has provided another good example of this long-standing fact. In that article, Parry exhibits an astonishing lack of knowledge about the truth movement and the questions posed by honest 9/11 skeptics as he attempts to publicly denigrate those questions and people. The well-respected journalist Parry provides excellent examples, throughout his article, of how normally reasoned and well-researched professionals can suddenly turn into people who cannot deal with facts or evidence. Unfortunately, Parry’s comments are correct in one sense as demonstrated by another article published in response to his. For some people, the 9/11 truth movement is a parlor game.

As an investigative journalist, Robert Parry has spent his life dealing with facts and evidence. His book, Secrecy and Privilege, is one of the great contributions that he has offered. That book covers several important events in the last thirty-five years of US history that have been downplayed and covered-up by the mainstream media. Parry’s work shows that he is clearly one of the most careful writers in terms of not extending evidence beyond what it says directly. He takes that approach so seriously that oftentimes he cannot say anything directly himself, and appears to be perpetually waiting for a confession before taking a stand. This latest article takes that position to an extreme, suggesting that the evidence of what happened on 9/11 should not be examined at all until we have confessions from the perpetrators.

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