Kurt Haskell is an attorney who witnessed the so-called underwear bomber being allowed on the plane from Amsterdam to Detroit on Christmas Day 2009.

When his underwear went up in flames, the incident was used to justify installing the body scanners and invasive body searches at airports. These are the same kinds of searches performed on prisoners – thus emphasizing the fact that America has been turned into a giant prison.

One of the men pushing the scanners immediately after the incident was Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff who after leaving the government went into the security business. One of his clients was Rapidscan – the company that manufacturers the body scanners. When Obama went to India for a recent visit, one of the people accompanying him was Deepak Chopra, chairman and CEO of OSI Systems. OSI owns Rapidscan.

Another profiteer is Tom Blank, who is with the lobbying firm Wexler & Walker that represents American Science and Engineering (AS&E), another full body scanner manufacturer. In 2005 Tom Blank was the Deputy Administrator of the Transportation Security Administration.

So Americans are being groped, fondled and abused as a result of this phony terrorist incident. In addition they are being subjected to potentially dangerous radiation from the body scanners – all in the name of making money.

The underwear bomber incident has also been used to justify increased funding of the Homeland Security Department as well as to further restrict American liberties in the name of security. A sick hoax perpetrated by people in our own government and rapacious businessmen.

February 3, 2011