by Eric Margolis
February 21, 2011

The black comedy of the Iraqi defector codenamed “Curveball” has just resurfaced. It tells us much about how the US has made such a mess in the Mideast and why Washington can’t understand or deal with the historic revolution now flaring across the Muslim world.

Take equal parts of ignorance and arrogance, the standard recipe for US policy in the Muslim world, shake well, and you get a frothy cocktail of stupidity and blundering that offers a perfect growth medium for conmen, special interest promoters, and disinformation.

In 2000, an Iraqi, Ahmed al-Janabi, defected to Germany. To bolster his refugee status, he offered Germany’s intelligence service, BND, a bunch of laughable lies about Iraqi chemical and biological weapons. The most notorious: the claim that President Saddam Hussein had mobile biological weapons units that threatened the world.

The Germans didn’t believe “Curveball. None of his claims checked out. But, being dutiful US allies, and knowing the Bush administration was hungering for alarming reports about Iraq, no matter how dubious, Germany passed on “Curveball’s” claims to CIA.

CIA’s able European chief, Tyler Drumheller, warned Langley that Curveball’s claims were patently false. But CIA’s sycophantic director, George Tenet, knowing President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, were determine to invade Iraq, sent “Curveball’s” phony tale to the White House without, it seems, any reservations. Another “slam dunk.”

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