April 17, 2011
Originally published at Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

Chemistry professor Niels Harrit blows away audiences in six cities with the explosive evidence

One of the key figures in the 9/11 truth movement, University of Copenhagen chemistry professor Dr. Niels Harrit, along with his wife, peace activist and actress Pernille Grumme, recently completed a Canadian speaking tour which included engagements in six cities and three provinces:

– Feb 22: Edmonton, Alberta (Stanley Milner Library)
– Feb 24: Vancouver, British Columbia (University of British Columbia)
– Feb 26: Victoria, British Columbia (University of Victoria)
– Mar 1: Hamilton, Ontario (McMaster University)
– Mar 3: London, Ontario (University of Western Ontario)
– Mar 4: Toronto, Ontario (University of Toronto)

Dr. Harrit is Professor Emeritus of Chemistry at the University of Copenhagen and lead author of a peer-reviewed study on thermitic residue found in the World Trade Center dust. Dr. Harrit presented irrefutable evidence from nine researchers and scientists, proving the presence of thermite incendiary explosive in the dust samples collected from the collapse of World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Dr. Harrit has lectured for 34 years at the University of Copenhagen, and has published over 60 articles in major science journals. He has delivered 90 lectures on the World Trade Center in Sweden, Norway, England, Holland, the United States, Australia, and Spain.

The tour brought together hundreds of people across Canada from all walks of life and from all levels of knowledge regarding 9/11; from the uninitiated to experts, from university professors and academics, to all types of professionals, students, activists, and the general public. This tour represented the largest university tour questioning the official account of 9/11 in Canadian history. Harrit’s thought-provoking presentations were acknowledged with loud applause, as he gained the respect of every audience he spoke to. Dr. Harrit was hosted by both activists in the general public and by professors in major Canadian education institutions. As a Canadian engineer, it is my privilege to share the news of this international effort, which involved many dedicated members of the 9/11 truth movement in Canada.

Edmonton, Alberta
Anthony Hall, Professor of Globalization Studies at the University of Lethbridge, and his graduate student Joshua Blakeney traveled to Edmonton to take part in Dr. Harrit’s presentation. The presentation, produced by Doug Brinkman along with friends and supporters of 9/11 Truth of Edmonton, was well received by an audience of almost 150 in the Stanley Milner Library. Professor Hall, speaking for ten minutes at the end of the lecture, sought to “illuminate the challenge of trying to bring the details of the crimes of 9/11 into broader venues of public discourse, but especially in the curricula of our universities.”

Earlier in the day, Professor Hall and Blakeney had made a 15-minute video of a discussion with Dr. Harrit and his wife Pernille. On March 2, Professor Hall hosted, with the help of Dr. Graeme MacQueen, a three-hour class on “The Responsibility of the Academy to Illuminate the Truths and Lies of 9/11,” which formed part of his third-year social sciences course entitled “Capital, Culture and Globalization.” The class was set up “partly in response to a recent journalistic diatribe by one of the mainstream media’s most audacious and unprincipled propagandists of 9/11, Jonathan Kay [of the National Post],” explains Hall. Contributing to the academic event from McMaster were professors Harrit, Colin Salter, and Michael Truscello, as well as PhD. candidate Laurie Manwell.
Vancouver, British Columbia

On the afternoon of February 23, Niels and his wife Pernille Grumme, a long-time peace activist and well-known Danish actress, arrived in Vancouver and were given a brief tour of the city. For weeks prior to their visit, a dedicated core group had met every Tuesday to plan the logistics. The Vancouver group established media partnerships with monthly newspapers, The Common Ground and the Agora National, which the group has helped to create and maintain.

Vancouver 9/11 Truth and the University of British Columbia packs the house to hear Dr. Niels Harrit explain the scientific facts behind 9/11

As part of the mandate to attract newcomers, the group found willing partners at the campuses of both the University of British Columbia and the prestigious British Columbia Institute of Technology. The Vancouver group also posted hundreds of posters across the city, and were pleased when Niels and Pernille, who collect posters from all of their lectures, declared them the best they had ever seen. By 6:30 pm, half of the seats in the 225-capacity theatre were taken, and by 7:15 pm Niels was introduced to a jam-packed theatre. Dr. Harrit ended his lecture by 10:15 pm to “a thunderous, extended, very appreciative ovation from the audience,” said James Macdonald of the Vancouver group. “We didn’t expect such enthusiasm from the audience.”

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