By Pepe Escobar
May 12, 2011
Asia Times

Let’s start by invoking a Western cultural icon, Dante; “Abandon all hope ye who enter here” – because international law as we know it has just been delivered a stake through its heart. The “new” sociopolitical Darwinism entails humanitarian neo-colonialism, targeted assassinations – extrajudicial executions – and drone wars, all carried out in the name of a revamped white man’s burden.

In the whirlwind of lies and hypocrisy engulfing the Osama bin Laden hit job, the key justice-related fact is how an unarmed man, codename “Geronimo”, was captured live then summarily executed in front of one of his daughters – after a lightning-quick invasion of a theoretically “sovereign” country.

As for the quagmire war waged by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) against Libya, the fact is that Western public opinion was fed a military attack against a sovereign country that has committed no violation of the United Nations charter. Talk about a wolf – neo-colonialism – in sheep’s clothing – “humanitarian war”.

At the heart of the matter is the concept itself of international law – adopted by all “civilized” nations, as well as what constitutes a just war. Yet for Western ruling elites this is just a detail; there has been no high-level debate on the implications of an United Nations-justified NATO war whose ultimate – and always unstated – objective is regime change.

Tomahawk Darwinism
The dirty operation in northern Africa reveals itself to be even nastier when it has been proved that the war on Libya was initially conceptualized by dubious French interests; that Saudi Arabia delivered a fake Arab League vote for the US because it wanted to get rid of Muammar Gaddafi and at the same time have a free hand in smashing pro-democracy protests in Bahrain; that Libya offers the perfect possibility for the Pentagon’s Africom to have an African base; that a dodgy bunch of “rebels” hijacked legitimate protests, with Gaddafi defectors, al-Qaeda-linked jihadis and exiles such as Central Intelligence Agency asset General Khalifa Hifter, who had lived for nearly 20 years in Virginia, taking over.

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