Impaled Steel Columns at 20th Floor of World Financial Center Building 3 (WFC3)

In a special report titled “The End of Bin Laden” (05/20/11), Time Magazine provides indisputable photographic evidence that the Twin Towers, WTC1 and WTC2, were destroyed by explosives, rather than by plane impacts and fires.

Independent researchers have long maintained that some form of controlled demolition destroyed the Towers.

Scientists point to a two-page photograph on pages 48 and 49 of Time’s special report. The photograph, taken in the vicinity of WTC1 by James Nachtwey, shows a maze of sections of exterior steel columns. Exterior columns were installed in sets of three, connected by spandrel plates. These units, about 30 feet in height, weighed 4 tons each. The short lengths of steel debris, suitable for hauling away, and pulverization of other components of the building, are themselves signs of controlled demolition

But the indisputable evidence is seen at far left. Impaled in nearby World Financial Center Building 3 (WFC3), at the 20th floor, are two exterior columns connected by spandrel plates. A close up of this portion of the Time photograph is shown at right.

Simple physics is used to calculate the minimum horizontal velocity with which the impaled columns were ejected from WTC1, the nearest tower, to hit the 20th floor of WFC3. The velocity is about 43 mph minimum. Other researchers have examined similar debris that hit the adjacent Winter Garden, deriving horizontal ejection velocities of 55 mph (Josef Princiotta). Some tower debris plumes and objects have been clocked at 70 mph (David Chandler).

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