Another expert that is speaking out in the new DVD now in production, 9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out is Steve Barasch, founder and president of Barasch Architects & Associates, Inc., a 33-year-old architect planning and engineering firm.

His firm has been involved with 500 office buildings of all types and has designed over 250 facilities “from the ground up” throughout California and the Western US. He has experience in designing both concrete and steel multi-story structures of all types, some of which exceeded 110 feet in height.

Barasch states that “WTC Building 7 was built to a fairly modern code that required stiff columns, stiff beams and a great amount of fireproofing throughout…” He adds, “the way it collapsed does not compute for an unplanned demolition.”

He also says “Some of the inconsistencies that I found rather curious was that the buildings came down rather fast…in a rather symmetrical pattern…that the temperature – even with jet fuel – could not, in my mind, bring a building down this fast.…” He feels that “there needs to be a lot of further investigation by a non-government agency that has no [vested] interest in the results.”

You can see the entire interview right now to learn more about high-rise architecture and grossly inadequate NIST report from this important AE911Truth petition signer.

The DVD with more than 50 top experts includes physicists, metallurgists, high-rise architects, structural and chemical engineers along with family members and psychologists.

The new power-packed DVD 9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out, with more than 50 top petition signers, is now available to order for pre-sale for $20 from the online store of Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth. The DVD ships the first week in September.

The film premieres September 7 through 11 as part of a four-phase approach being taken by AE911Truth to create maximum public education as we head toward the 10th anniversary of the catastrophic events of 9/11. AE911Truth encourages people across the country to organize screenings in their respective cities.