by Jim Fetzer
Veterans Today
August 1, 2011

On June 6, 1968, after RFK won the Democratic primary in California, he was shot multiple times as he passed through the pantry of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. The official account maintains that he was taken out by a lone, demented gunman, Sirhan Sirhan, a Palestinian who had written, “RFK must die!”, over and over in a notebook. Like the alleged lone, demented gunman accused of assassinating his brother, JFK, however, the evidence contradicts what the government has told us, where both murders appear to have been products of conspiracies and where Sirhan Sirhan, like Lee Harvey Oswald, was the patsy in plots that involved many more.

Victory in California: RFK greets supporters in the Embassy Ballroo,, Ambassador Hotel, in Los Angeles, on June 5, 1968

In spite of efforts to convince the public otherwise, conspiracies are as American as apple pie. All that they require is the collaboration between two or more individuals to bring about an illegal end. That JFK and RFK were taken out by conspiracies should be no more in doubt than the fact of their assassinations themselves. More bullets were fired at Bobby in the pantry of the Ambassador Hotel than could have come from Sirhan Sirhan’s gun, which implies at least one more shooter. And the shot to Jack’s back was too low to have exited from this throat, which means the “magic bullet” theory cannot possibly be true. But, if there was no “magic bullet”, then there were at least six shots from three directions. Both assassinations were conspiracies.

The Ambassador Hotel

The weapon removed from Sirhan Sirhan was a small, snub-nosed .22 caliber, Iver Johnson revolver whose chamber held eight rounds, with serial number H-53725 [1]. Sirhan unloaded his weapon from in front of Bobby Kennedy. According to the autopsy performed by Dr. Thomas Noguchi, however, RFK was hit by four bullets, all of which were fired from behind at upward angles, where five other persons were also wounded by separate bullets [2] and others were removed from holes in the walls and ceiling of the pantry. But if there were as many as thirteen shots—some of which hit a ceiling panel that was behind Sirhan’s location—there is no way Sirhan could have fired them all. With more than one shooter, a conspiracy was involved [3].

The autopsy report is usually regarded as “the best evidence” about a crime of this kind. Dr. Noguchi’s medical report, which was “a perfect autopsy”, conflicted with the LAPD report, since he did not conclude that Sirhan had killed RFK [4]. The fatal shot had entered behind his right ear from about an inch and a half away, but the alleged assassin had not been closer than several feet in front of RFK. Sirhan cannot have fired the bullets that killed Kennedy. Yet his defense attorney, Grant Cooper, chose not to defend his client on the ground that the evidence did not support his guilt but argued instead for “diminished capacity” [5]. A firearms expert, DeWayne Wofler, even testified that the bullets fired at Bobby had come from an entirely different gun [6].

As it happened, a security guard named Thane Eugene Cesar had a weapon with the same caliber and was right behind Bobby when the shooting began. Remarkably, even though he admitted having drawn his gun and many witnesses reporting hearing shots from more than one weapon, no one asked to examine his gun [7]. Acoustics expert Van Praag tested an H&R 922 of the kind Cesar had and determined that an H&R 922 had been fired at the same time as Sirhan’s [8]. The indications of conspiracy extended to a couple, including a woman in a polka dot dress, who rushed away from the scene shouting, “We shot him! We shot him! We shot Kennedy!” [9] The conclusion that Sirhan was not “a lone demented assassin” is not rocket science.

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