DECEMBER 09, 2011
By James P. Tucker Jr.
American Free Press

Some 10 years before the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on New York and Washington, D.C., top neoconservatives in the Pentagon orchestrated a major “policy coup” to start wars with multiple Middle Eastern countries and secure total domination of the Middle East in order to take their oil. That’s according to a top former U.S. military officer.

In a speech in San Francisco, top Gen.Wesley Clark recounted a memo drafted by former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s office in the wake of 9-11 that was brought to his attention by a top Pentagon official. The neocons’ plot, he was told, was “to attack and destroy the governments in seven countries in five years—we’re going to start with Iraq, and then we’re going to move to Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran.” Clark said the neocons “wanted us to destabilize the Middle East, turn it upside down, make it under our control.”

While 9-11 provided an excuse for broadening the wars, neocons were plotting a decade earlier for regime changes across the Middle East.

Clark cites a 1991 conversation with Defense official Paul Wolfowitz, who said: “One thing we did learn [from the Iraq wars] is that we can use our military in the region, in the Middle East, and the Soviets won’t stop us. . . .And we’ve got about five or 10 years to clean up those old Soviet regimes—Syria, Iran, Iraq—before the next great superpower comes on to challenge us.”

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