AE911Truth Congressional Outreach Team leader Wayne Coste and other 9/11 Truth activists prepare to engage the public about the destruction of WTC Building 7. Coste used the AE911Truth “human microphone speech” developed by his Congressional Outreach Team to inform the crowd.

Written by Wayne Coste

With assistance provided by Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, the Remember Building 7 campaign and NYC CAN organized Occupy Building 7, a two-day protest designed to raise awareness about the destruction of Building 7, the third World Trade Center skyscraper to fall on 9/11. On November 19 and 20, the marches and vigils were held from Zuccotti Park in the Wall Street District of Manhattan along the sidewalks for several blocks to the site of the rebuilt WTC Building 7.

“ I was told afterward that some of the police quietly asked us for information about the 9/11 evidence ”

Zuccotti Park, which is the heart of the Occupy Wall Street movement, lies in the figurative shadow of the Twin Towers and in the literal shadow of their replacement tower that is currently under construction and now reaches over 20 stories into the air.

Over the last two months, AE911Truth supporters and others have provided “occupiers” across the country with information about the explosive 9/11 evidence. The occupiers are becoming informed about the logical and scientific fallacies in the official accounts that make those versions not just implausible, but impossible.

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