Why Your Government May Murder You for Profit

by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor
Veterans Today.com

How can I fool thee? Let me count the ways.

Terrorism isn’t real. This is a broad generalization but essentially correct.

My own estimate, as a “big name” counter-terrorism expert is that 95% of acts we call “terrorism” were done by governments for profit.

Were it not for the dissolution of the free press and secret prisons and mental hospitals for whistleblowers, we wouldn’t have terrorism.

Which government? You choose. Of late, Israel has the lead but the US and Russia aren’t far behind. Then we have France and Britain.

We crash airliners, the Israeli’s are specialists at car bombs, almost artists, we spread crop diseases, test interesting new diseases on the general public, occasionally releasing a new strain of influenza on the New York subway.

Fear is a business and without fear, you don’t have hate. Mix fear and hate and you have dictatorial control of any political system.

There can be no democracy when a population lives in fear. As soon as the first “terror alert” comes out, you can be certain of one thing, you are living in a police state.

From then on, everything you will hear is about keeping you and your family safe and how you have to keep an eye out for those around you. Anyone could be a terrorist or perhaps a subversive, especially if they ask too many questions about why everyone running for office seems a bit “off.”

Can you see me now?

Imagine this is December 2001. You are in an airport. A group of dark skinned foreigners sit nearby. What are your first thoughts?

Will they cut off your head or will they crash the plane into a building somewhere. Lie to me and tell me you haven’t thought that.

The day you did was the day you lost your freedom. You have been a slave every since. That was the plan, that is the plan that’s why we have terrorism.

If we didn’t have Al Qaeda, someone would invent it. How does this sound?

The truth? We did invent it. If you want to know where the people live who wish you and your family ill, go to Washington DC.

Meet your Senator of member of Congress. Invite them to lunch with your family. Try it again, but offer them $50,000 as an incentive, your chances will be a bit better.

Got friends in Homeland Security, high up? Tell them you invented a new secret way of making millions of people really sick. In about an hour, a pharmaceutical company will call you. You will never travel “coach” again.

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