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9/11 – A Cheap Magic Trick

How false flag attacks are manufactured by the world's elite.


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The Washinton Post
Published: Jan 27th
By Jerry Markon

Since it began a decade ago, the federal government’s massive investigation of the 2001 anthrax attacks has been plagued by missteps and complications.

Investigators initially focused on the wrong man, then had to pay him a nearly $6 million settlement. In 2008, they accused another man, Bruce E. Ivins, who killed himself before he could go to trial.

Now, in the latest twist, the government has argued against itself.

In documents deep in the files of a recently settled Florida lawsuit, Justice Department civil attorneys contradicted their own department’s conclusion that Ivins was unquestionably the anthrax killer. The lawyers said the type of anthrax in Ivins’s lab was “radically different” from the deadly anthrax. They cited several witnesses who said Ivins was innocent, and they suggested that a private laboratory in Ohio could have been involved in the attacks.

The unusual spectacle of one arm of the Justice Department publicly questioning another has the potential to undermine one of the most high-profile investigations in years, according to critics and independent experts who reviewed the court filings.

“I cannot think of another case in which the government has done such an egregious about-face. It destroys confidence in the criminal findings,’’ said Paul Rothstein, a law professor at Georgetown University.

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University of Florida – Rudy Giuliani Confronted on Building 7
January 26th, 2012

This was covered in the local mainstream newspaper:The Independent Florida Alligator

Source: Scientists for 911 Truth

Physical Evidence for the Controlled Demolition of WTC7 includes:

The rapid onset of “collapse;”
The symmetrical, straight–down nature of the “collapse;”
The time taken by the collapse, approximately 6.5 seconds, with 2.25 seconds of actual free fall (about 105 feet) (David Chandler found 2.5 seconds);
The neat, tidy debris pile, a few stories high;
The molten metal and high temperatures observed for weeks afterwards in the debris pile;
Nano-thermite and iron–rich microspherules found in the dust;
Evidence of corroded steel with sulfur found by FEMA. Sulfur is a component of a thermate reaction that can be used in controlled demolitions.
Eye–witness Evidence for the Controlled Demolition of WTC7 includes:

The testimony of Barry Jennings, who was trapped in the building with Michael Hess by an explosion before either tower fell.
Video–taped statements of firemen and policemen before 5:20 pm on 9/11/01 showing pre–knowledge of the “collapse.”
Video–taped statement of a witness who overheard a “count–down” for WTC7.
Videos showing the actual collapse of WTC7, with various evidences of controlled demolition such as a kink in the roof, possible exploding charges at upper stories, and so on.
Audible explosions heard by eye–witnesses just before and during the collapse of WTC7.
Anecdotal Evidence for the Controlled Demolition of WTC7:

When Barry Jennings and Michael Hess arrived at the Office of Emergency Management (OEM), Floor 23, in WTC7 around 9 am, they found it empty. Jennings made a phone call and was told he must “get out of there.”
The BBC and CNN early announcements of the complete collapse of WTC7 have never been satisfactorily explained.
Circumstantial Evidence for the Controlled Demolition of WTC7 includes:

Removal and destruction of WTC7 steel before examination. Real examination of the steel was denied to all.
Omission from the 9/11 Commission Report of any mention of WTC7. The complete collapse of a 47–story building is not trivial.
NIST’s failure to seriously consider other causes besides fire for the building collapses strongly suggests government interference in a scientific process, and points to a selective and thereby fraudulent investigation. The standards for fire investigations call for tests for explosives. No such tests were made.

NIST postulated the least likely explanation for the destruction of WTC7, and ignored all other physical and other evidence.

NIST’s assumptions or inputs used in its computer modeling are open to severe criticism. Also, the details of the modeling program are not available for independent review.

NIST’s theory and approach lack scientific credibility.

by Patrick J. Buchanan

U.S. Ambassador Michael McFaul, Obama’s man in Moscow, who just took up his post, has received a rude reception. And understandably so.

In 1992, McFaul was the representative in Russia of the National Democratic Institute, a U.S. government-funded agency whose mission is to promote democracy abroad.

The NDI has been tied to color-coded or Orange revolutions such as those that dethroned regimes in Serbia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia and Lebanon. The project miscarried in Belarus.

The NDI is one of several agencies, dating to the 1980s, that were set up to subvert communist regimes. With the end of the Cold War, however, these agencies were not decommissioned, but recommissioned to serve as something of an American Comintern.

Where the old Comintern of Lenin sought to instigate communist revolutions across the West and its empires, post-Cold War America decided to promote democratic revolutions to remake the world in the image of late 20th century America.

In 2002, McFaul wrote a book: Russia’s Unfinished Revolution.

Vladimir Putin’s men are not unreasonably asking if he was sent to Moscow to finish that revolution. Putin has already accused Hillary Clinton of flashing the signal for street demonstrations to begin – to protest Russia’s December’s elections.

Nor is it surprising the Putin’s people are suspicious of McFaul, who added to his problems by meeting with anti-Putin dissidents the day after he presented his credentials.

McFaul says this is part of his “dual-track engagement” with Russian society. Before leaving for Moscow, he told NPR’s “Morning Edition”: “We’re not going to get into the business of dictating (Russia’s) path (to democracy). … We’re just going to support what we like to call ‘universal values’ – not American values, not Western values, universal values.”

But what, exactly, are these “universal values”?

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By Pepe Escobar
January 26, 2012
Asia Times Online

n his State of the Union address, United States President Barack Obama said, “Let there be no doubt: America is determined to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, and I will take no options off the table to achieve that goal.”

In the real world, this means Washington is willing to go to war – the economic war is already on – against a country that subscribes to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and is not seeking nuclear weapons, according to the International Atomic Energy Agency and the latest US National Intelligence Estimate.

Obama also said, “The [Tehran] regime is more isolated than ever before; its leaders are faced with crippling sanctions, and as long as they shirk their responsibilities, this pressure will not relent.”

“Isolated”? Not really; see The myth of ‘isolated’ Iran (Asia Times)

Online, January 18). And it’s not the Iranian leadership that is subjected to crippling sanctions; it’s the absolute majority of 78 million impoverished Iranians who will pay the price.

In an earlier statement, Obama had “applauded” the European Union’s decision to slap its own Iranian oil embargo, adding, “These sanctions demonstrate once more the unity of the international community.”

So, let’s talk about the “unity of the international community” – which comprises the US, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) countries, Israel and the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council, also known as Gulf Counter-revolution Club); the rest of the world is just a mirage.

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Preparing the American mind for 9/11.

By Russ Baker
Aug 17, 2011
WhoWhatWhy : Investigative Journalism

The father the New Yorker writer who got the exclusive inside story of the bin Laden raid

The establishment media just keep getting worse. They’re further and further from good, tough investigative journalism, and more prone to be pawns in complicated games that affect the public interest in untold ways. A significant recent example is The New Yorker’s vaunted August 8 exclusive on the vanquishing of Osama bin Laden.

The piece, trumpeted as the most detailed account to date of the May 1 raid in Abbottabad Pakistan, was an instant hit. “Got the chills half dozen times reading @NewYorker killing bin Laden tick tock…exquisite journalism,” tweeted the digital director of the PBS show Frontline. The author, freelancer Nicholas Schmidle, was quickly featured on the Charlie Rose show, an influential determiner of “chattering class” opinion. Other news outlets rushed to praise the story as “exhaustive,” “utterly compelling,” and on and on.

To be sure, it is the kind of granular, heroic story that the public loves, that generates follow-up bestsellers and movie options. The takedown even has a Hollywood-esque code name: “Operation Neptune’s Spear”

Here’s the introduction to the mission commander, full of minute details that help give it a ring of authenticity and suggest the most intimate reportorial access:

James, a broad-chested man in his late thirties, does not have the lithe swimmer’s frame that one might expect of a SEAL—he is built more like a discus thrower. That night, he wore a shirt and trousers in Desert Digital Camouflage, and carried a silenced Sig Sauer P226 pistol, along with extra ammunition; a CamelBak, for hydration; and gel shots, for endurance. He held a short-barrel, silenced M4 rifle. (Others SEALs had chosen the Heckler & Koch MP7.) A “blowout kit,” for treating field trauma, was tucked into the small of James’s back. Stuffed into one of his pockets was a laminated gridded map of the compound. In another pocket was a booklet with photographs and physical descriptions of the people suspected of being inside. He wore a noise-cancelling headset, which blocked out nearly everything besides his heartbeat.

On and on went the “tick-tock.” Yet as Paul Farhi, a Washington Post reporter, noted, that narrative was misleading in the extreme, because the New Yorker reporter never actually spoke to James—nor to a single one of James’s fellow SEALs (who have never been identified or photographed–even from behind–to protect their identity.) Instead, every word of Schmidle’s narrative was provided to him by people who were not present at the raid. Complains Farhi:

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January 22, 2012
By Chris Mondics,
Inquirer Staff Writer

In a ferocious legal battle pitting government lawyers against victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks, the Justice Department is fighting to block thousands of individuals and businesses from taking $6.6 million in frozen al-Qaeda assets seized from an alleged terrorism financier.

Frozen by the U.S. Treasury Department in 2007, the money is sought by the attorneys for 6,000 individual victims and insurers who suffered billions in losses from the attacks on the World Trade Center.

The money, in a Chicago brokerage account controlled by senior al-Qaeda operative Abu al-Tayyeb until his arrest in Saudi Arabia in 2006, drew little public notice until lawyers for 9/11 victims moved in June to collect on a 2007 default judgment.

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By Pepe Escobar
January 20, 2012
Asia Times Online

There’s no way to understand the larger-than-life United States-Iran psychodrama, the Western push for regime change in both Syria and Iran, and the trials and tribulations of the Arab Spring(s) – now mired in perpetual winter – without a close look at the fatal attraction between Washington and the GCC. [1]

GCC stands for Gulf Cooperation Council, the club of six wealthy Persian Gulf monarchies (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates – UAE), founded in 1981 and which in no time configured as the prime strategic US backyard for the invasions of Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003, for the long-drawn battle in the New Great Game in Eurasia, and also as the headquarters for “containing” Iran.

The US Fifth Fleet is stationed in Bahrain and Central Command’s forward headquarters is based in Qatar; Centcom polices no less than 27 countries from the Horn of Africa to Central Asia – what
the Pentagon until recently defined as “the arc of instability”. In sum: the GCC is like a US aircraft carrier in the Gulf magnified to Star Trek proportions.

I prefer to refer to the GCC as the Gulf Counter-revolution Club – due to its sterling performance in suppressing democracy in the Arab world, even before Mohammed Bouazizi set himself on fire in Tunisia over a year ago.

Cueing to Orson Welles in Citizen Kane, the Rosebud inside the GCC is that the House of Saud sells its oil only in US dollars – thus the pre-eminence of the petrodollar – and in exchange benefits from massive, unconditional US military and political support. Moreover the Saudis prevent the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) – after all they’re the world’s largest oil producer – to price and sell oil in a basket of currencies. These rivers of petrodollars then flow into US equities and Treasury bonds.

For decades virtually the whole planet has been held hostage to this fatal attraction. Until now.

Gimme all your toys
The GCC, essentially, is the core of the empire in the Arab world. Yes, it’s essentially about oil; the GCC will be responsible for over 25% of global oil production within the next few decades. Their tiny ruling classes – from monarchies to business associates – function as a crucial annex to the mighty projection of US power all across the Middle East and beyond.

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by Saman Mohammadi

“Stability is an unworthy American mission and a misleading concept to boot. We do not want stability in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and even Saudi Arabia; we want things to change. The real issue is not whether, but how to destabilize.”

Neoconservative crackpot and international terrorist Michael Ledeen.

If the radical neoconservatives and their allies in Israel and the West have their way, the nation state will end with a bang, not a whimper.

There are very few sovereign nation states left in the world. America’s national sovereignty was destroyed in 1913 when foreign private creditors hijacked its national treasury and Congress, and since then it has been used to destroy the national sovereignty of every other nation.

America was deceived by its treasonous leadership into destroying Germany and Japan in WWII, two countries that posed no threat to America’s security and sought stable relations. In the 21st century, America was deceived once again, this time to destabilize and destroy nations in the Middle East.

Since the false flag 9/11 events, the nation state has been crucified on the cross of “perpetual warfare and perpetual economic destabilization.” At its core, globalization is a process of destabilization, destruction, and domination. Nations that resist the powerful global agents who direct this process for their own private interests, especially international private banks that covet a nation’s gold and practice the satanic art of usury, are falsely accused of sponsoring terror and militarily destroyed.

The PR push behind the rollout of the war on terrorism got a big boost from the tragedy of 9/11, which made most people emotionally attached to the false marketing by the Bush administration and the Israeli government.

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