Thanks to the work of citizen investigators and patriots, we now know that the government’s version of the events of 9/11 is a tissue of lies.

Here are some of the things we have learned in the years following 9/11:

Bin Laden was working for the US government right up to 9/11. In all likelihood he died in 2001 despite the fact that the government continued to pump out videos featuring him whenever support for the war began to wane. Al Qaeda doesn’t exist either except as an asset of the intelligence agencies of the West and Israel. Adding to the absurdity is the fact that the spokesman for Al Qaeda is a American Jew whose grandfather was on the board of the Anti-Defamation League.

The purported hijackers were not devout Muslims. Instead they were patsies trained at US military bases and at flight schools connected to the CIA. Mohammed Atta, the supposed 9/11 ringleader, had a German CIA handler. He was a secularist who enjoyed cocaine, gambling, pork, and strippers. According to Atta’s father, Mohammed was still alive the day after 9/11. However his father stated that he had since been killed by US and Israeli forces. At least nine of the 19 alleged hijackers were alive after 9/11 and claimed that their identities had been stolen. Another of the alleged hijackers actually died the year before 9/11. Yet the government has failed to correct these errors or identify who really hijacked the airliners.

The three skyscrapers in the World Trade Center complex in New York were brought down by controlled demolitions. Bombs were heard going off by firefighters and policemen. Molten steel was seen pouring out of the buildings and found in the basements months after 9/11. Common office fires do not melt steel nor does jet fuel which is mostly kerosene. Nanothermates were found in the dust from the buildings – proof that they were brought down with explosives.  Nanothermites are not made in a cave in Afghanistan and the ‘terrorists’ did not have access to the buildings to wire them for demolition. The hijacked airliners were driven into the buildings to create the illusion that they brought down the towers. Security for the WTC was handled by members of the Bush family. The World Trade Center towers were heavily insured by Larry Silverstein – a Zionist with close ties to Israel’s leadership. Members of the Mossad were arrested filming and celebrating the destruction of the WTC. After being released and sent back to Israel, they went on Israeli television to say that they had been sent to ‘document’ the event. Other Mossad operatives were caught trying to penetrate federal installations, living in proximity to the hijackers, and on 9/11 were in New York in vans that police found had traces of explosives in them as well as boxcutters.

The US military had been rehearsing for a 9/11 scenario for at least a year before the event. Those exercises were later used to confuse military and FAA employees once the operation went live. Meanwhile operational command was being exercised elsewhere by Pentagon officials, CIA operatives, and Vice President Dick Cheney.

No passenger jet hit the Pentagon. Explosives were planted inside the building. The jet liner flew over the building at the same time the explosions went off. The explosives were probably set off when either a drone or a missile hit the building. Pentagon and government officials have yet to explain why the nation’s capitol was undefended for almost two hours, why none of the anti-aircraft missiles at the Pentagon worked that day, and why no jets were scrambled to defend either Washington DC or the financial center of America – New York.

Plans for imperial control of all resources in the Middle East were prepared by the Pentagon and described in the document: The Project for a New American Century. The document was a joint effort of the Anglo/American and Jewish establishment. The intelligence agencies of several different countries participated in pulling off the 9/11 attack. Israel, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Germany and other countries were involved. Everything was coordinated internally through a secret team composed of Pentagon, CIA, and FBI and NSA officials in collaboration with America’s financial and corporate leaders.

The plane that went down in Pennsylvania was shot down. The story of the passengers attempting to takeover the plane was a ruse to cover up the downing of the jet. It is likely that the plane was meant to hit Building 7 in New York which is why the building was already wired for demolition. When the plane was shot down in Pennsylvania, Building 7 had to be brought down anyway later that day.

Insider trading of airline stocks was later linked back to “Buzzy” Krongard among others. He had previously been Chairman of an investment firm that was acquired by Deutsche Bank. Deutsche Bank was one of the firms that purchased “put” options betting that United Airline stock would fall. After leaving the investment firm, “Buzzy” became Executive Director of the CIA under George Bush.

The mainstream media is complicit in the 9/11 cover up.  They have consistently failed to investigate it or reveal the burgeoning evidence that it was an inside job. When members of the 9/11 truth movement are interviewed, they are largely dismissed as lunatics or homegrown terrorists.

Both political parties are complicit in the cover up. Despite numerous requests to government officials to hold a real investigation, members of both parties have continued to stonewall the public. Repressive legislation aimed American citizens, free speech, and access to the internet have been the only response from Washington. However they are only following orders from Wall Street and the bankers. They are the ones who have enabled the American empire because of dollar being the world’s reserve currency. The deal with American politicians and the military would be that the government could borrow as much money as it wanted as long as it paid interest to the central bankers. In return both parties would have all the financial resources they wanted to create a welfare-warfare state while enriching individual politicians. This accounts for America’s strong support of Israel because it is Jewish bankers who founded Israel and who make up most, but not all, of the central bankers. The joint efforts between the Anglo/American and Jewish elite in the Middle East and Asia have several objectives. To control the oil, gas, and mineral resources in that area in order to control the world’s economy. To provide backing for the dollar which currently is not backed by anything. And last to eliminate Israel’s enemies so that greater Israel can be created.

In summary, there is no war on terror.  There are no Al Qaeda boogiemen.  There are no fanatical Muslims that “hate our freedom.”

There is instead a war to terrorize Americans and the people of the world into obedience. The world’s elite have had a long standing plan to establish one world totalitarian rule and the 9/11 event and phony war on terror ‘terrorism’ are programs for bringing this plan to fruition.

That leaves the people of the world with a choice. Either come together to fight these hyenas or be enslaved forever. We have no other choice.