Source: Scientists for 911 Truth

Physical Evidence for the Controlled Demolition of WTC7 includes:

The rapid onset of “collapse;”
The symmetrical, straight–down nature of the “collapse;”
The time taken by the collapse, approximately 6.5 seconds, with 2.25 seconds of actual free fall (about 105 feet) (David Chandler found 2.5 seconds);
The neat, tidy debris pile, a few stories high;
The molten metal and high temperatures observed for weeks afterwards in the debris pile;
Nano-thermite and iron–rich microspherules found in the dust;
Evidence of corroded steel with sulfur found by FEMA. Sulfur is a component of a thermate reaction that can be used in controlled demolitions.
Eye–witness Evidence for the Controlled Demolition of WTC7 includes:

The testimony of Barry Jennings, who was trapped in the building with Michael Hess by an explosion before either tower fell.
Video–taped statements of firemen and policemen before 5:20 pm on 9/11/01 showing pre–knowledge of the “collapse.”
Video–taped statement of a witness who overheard a “count–down” for WTC7.
Videos showing the actual collapse of WTC7, with various evidences of controlled demolition such as a kink in the roof, possible exploding charges at upper stories, and so on.
Audible explosions heard by eye–witnesses just before and during the collapse of WTC7.
Anecdotal Evidence for the Controlled Demolition of WTC7:

When Barry Jennings and Michael Hess arrived at the Office of Emergency Management (OEM), Floor 23, in WTC7 around 9 am, they found it empty. Jennings made a phone call and was told he must “get out of there.”
The BBC and CNN early announcements of the complete collapse of WTC7 have never been satisfactorily explained.
Circumstantial Evidence for the Controlled Demolition of WTC7 includes:

Removal and destruction of WTC7 steel before examination. Real examination of the steel was denied to all.
Omission from the 9/11 Commission Report of any mention of WTC7. The complete collapse of a 47–story building is not trivial.
NIST’s failure to seriously consider other causes besides fire for the building collapses strongly suggests government interference in a scientific process, and points to a selective and thereby fraudulent investigation. The standards for fire investigations call for tests for explosives. No such tests were made.

NIST postulated the least likely explanation for the destruction of WTC7, and ignored all other physical and other evidence.

NIST’s assumptions or inputs used in its computer modeling are open to severe criticism. Also, the details of the modeling program are not available for independent review.

NIST’s theory and approach lack scientific credibility.