‘Sometime between early June and mid-August, just before the Republican nominating convention, will be the ideal moment to drag the United States into war, the planners believe.’

By Sefi Rachlevsky
March 10, 2012

Let’s assume that everything goes beautifully. Defense Minister Ehud Barak claims that the barrage of missiles that will strike Israel in response to an attack on Iran will be smaller than previously expected, due to the situation in Syria and Lebanon, so let’s assume that’s true. Let’s also assume that the attack causes the maximum possible damage, and that very few of our planes are hit. And let’s assume too that because of the approaching U.S. elections, President Barack Obama, who is viscerally opposed to an Israeli attack and is currently making promises to prevent it, refrains from interfering, and even gives Israel verbal backing after it happens.

Yet even so, even assuming that all goes beautifully, too little will have been achieved. And Israel’s situation after the attack will be dire.

The reason is simple: If we take Barak’s talk about “zones of immunity” seriously – the idea that the Fordow site near Qom, and other similar sites, are invulnerable to attack – then Iran is already there. Fordow exists. It has uranium and centrifuges. And the know-how is there.

So even if everything else is destroyed, and only Fordow remains, Iran’s nuclear project will be set back by two years at most – and not even that long in practice, because Iran will switch from inching toward a bomb to rapid enrichment of military-grade uranium.

Barak’s promise that Israel will attack again in another two years is less than meaningless. It’s clear that if there is a zone of immunity, it will exist then at Fordow and similar sites. And after a unilateral Israeli strike, a revenge-hungry Iran will become a nuclear state.

After Obama’s warm speech last night at the AIPAC meet, and ahead of both the Netanyahu-Obama summit and the Purim holiday later this week, the time has come to remove the masks. Those Israeli planners who believe in an attack have one hope only – that the United States will be dragged in and complete the Israeli move.

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