May 05, 2012
American Free Press

Mainstream breaks silence on phony terror but ignores FBI frame-ups of white nationalists

The New York Times on Sunday, April 29, ran a lengthy op-ed on a subject AMERICAN FREE PRESS has been covering for almost a year: the role the Federal Bureau of Investigation is playing in manufacturing phony “terrorist” plots in order to panic the American people into toeing the line set for them by the regime in Washington. The 1,200 word commentary was a breath of fresh air from a rabidly pro-Israel media establishment that collectively coined the phrase “Islamo-fascism” and which has done everything in its power to link “extremist” ideologies to violence that, by and large, does not exist.

However, the Times did not go far enough in its reporting. While conceding that the individuals targeted by the FBI were often selected for “pure speech”— they had engaged in the age-old American practice of speaking out angrily against the government and its abuses—the “expert” they quoted attacking the FBI’s practices was himself a former FBI agent who had spent his career working undercover targeting white Americans that the government labeled “supremacist.”

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