In a recent interview on NYC TV, Jesse Ventura discusses some of the same questions that remain unanswered since 09/11/01. For example:

What was it that hit the Pentagon? And with over 100 operable cameras, why hasn’t the government allowed us to view the video? He also talks about the globalist agenda for our food supply, the fluoridation of our water and what he believes their plan is.

For followers of his show Conspiracy Theory, Jesse tells us that he’ll know in a couple of weeks if it will be allowed to continue. There’s no lack of material when it comes to government conspiracies, says Ventura. With 15-16 already done, he can think of at least 30 more he wants to do. He is a loyal follower of Col. L. Fletcher Prouty (see book below) who said: “Nothing just happens. Everything’s planned.”

Jesse also talks about why he is contemplating Mexican citizenship. He closes with a couple of quotes that put what’s happened to the US in perfect perspective. The first is from Albert Einstein: “A foolish faith in authority is the enemy of the truth.” And second from Ron Paul: “We’re in sad shape when telling the truth means you are a traitor.”