Written by Dennis P. McMahon, JD, LLM
Thursday, 31 May 2012 14:34

Is His Explosive WTC 7 Testimony Still Court-Worthy?

Editor’s Note: New York attorney Dennis McMahon spearheaded the legal effort by NYC CAN in 2009 to compel the New York City Council to initiate a new investigation of the destruction of the WTC skyscrapers. If you would like to support legal actions toward a real 9/11 investigation, write to Gregg Roberts.

Among all the highly credible video and forensic evidence indicating that WTC Building 7 was brought down by explosive controlled demolition on September 11, 2001, the accounts of explosions related by eyewitness Barry Jennings are particularly persuasive.

Barry Jennings, minutes after being rescued from WTC 7, told ABC News that an explosion had trapped him in the building

On 9/11, Jennings was the Deputy Director of the Emergency Services Department for the New York City Housing Authority. He and Michael Hess, the New York City Corporation Counsel, were rescued from WTC Building 7 before it collapsed at 5:20 p.m. On several occasions, Jennings stated that an explosion trapped them in WTC Building 7 and that he continued to hear…explosions throughout the building until they were saved. As reported in October 2008, Jennings died on August 19, 2008. Thus, the question emerges: Has the potential legal power and value of Jennings’ testimony been lost forever?

The short answer is “no.” Even under the strictest rules of evidence that may apply, Jennings’ statements about the explosions at Building 7 should be admissible during any legal proceeding convened to determine the real cause of the collapse of Building 7 – be it in a criminal trial, before a grand jury, or during hearings before the New York City Council, the New York State Assembly, the US Congress, or any other formal bodies.

On the afternoon of 9/11, after Jennings and Hess were rescued from Building 7, Jennings told ABC-TV News:

“Well, me and Hess, the Corporation Counsel, were on the 23rd floor. I told him, ‘We gotta get out of here.’ We started walking down the stairs. We made it to the eighth floor [later clarified to be the sixth floor, see here at the 3:50 mark]. Big explosion! Blew us back into the eighth floor. And I turned to Hess and I said, ‘This is it, we’re dead. We’re not gonna make it outta here…’”

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