By Pat Shannan
June 19, 2012
American Free press

As stories continue to surface of its agents lying under oath, enjoying legalized cover-ups and even creating false terrorism, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is rapidly losing its 104-year-old luster of “fidelity, bravery and integrity.”

In the midst of two of the most recent agent-fueled false terror plots, an FBI memo appeared showing that, among other things, the federal law enforcement agency has the ability and leeway to “bend or suspend the law and impinge upon the freedom of others,” as well as “create ethical dilemmas for others when we ask that they provide information on someone” that they normally would not be willing to do.

Earlier this year, the FBI had one of its agents pretend to be a member of al Qaeda and furnish Amine El Khalifi, 29, a mentally-addled former drug addict, with a phony suicide vest. He then instructed the would-be bomber to attack Capitol Hill. After receiving the FBI-created non-explosive vest, the Moroccan was dropped off by his FBI informant on Constitution Avenue and was arrested shortly thereafter allegedly only blocks from the Capitol building. He apparently was the only one not on the FBI’s payroll in the sordid scheme.

The FBI boasted at the time that congressmen were never in danger and assured them that it was “all very controlled.”

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