July 04, 2012 AFP
American Free Press

Obama’s rampant use of executive orders betrays U.S. workers, erodes Constitution

By Victor Thorn

On June 15, President Barack Obama delivered a Rose Garden address to announce that 800K illegal immigrants would be granted work permits under a quasi-amnesty program that has been informally labeled Obama’s “Dream Act executive order.” Journalist Neil Munro of The Daily Caller interrupted him by yelling, “Why do you favor foreigners over American workers?”

With millions of legal Americans unemployed—especially teens, blacks, and those with only high school diplomas—Obama introduced nearly a million more non-citizens into the labor market. Or, as immigration reform advocate Leah Durant wrote on June 20, “Millions of unemployed Americans will be forced to compete with this amnestied subgroup for jobs in the near future. . . . This demographic can ill afford the type of increased competition that Obama’s amnesty guarantees.”

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