By John Tiffany
American Free Press
August 20, 2012

The 11th anniversary of 9-11-2001 is upon us, and there’s one thing for certain: The American government and the mass media have been lying from day one about what happened. And that fact underscores the importance of independent voices such as AMERICAN FREE PRESS.

From the beginning, AFP has exposed the massive omissions and corrected the lies of the mainstream media in regard to 9-11. We can say with no hesitation: No other print publication has the unbroken track record of AFP in consistently reporting alternative accounts of 9-11. Not only in its weekly issues, but in a variety of books and special reports as well, AFP has brought readers amazing details about 9-11 they can hardly find anywhere else. The first issue of AFP published after Sept. 11, 2001 went to the printer on Sept. 14, and that issue made it clear that our staff was already raising questions about what really happened.

The lead story, by W.A. Carto, asked frankly: “Who benefits?” and pointed out that the state of Israel stood to benefit as a consequence of the United States becoming more deeply embroiled in the Middle East thanks to 9-11. An accompanying article by Michael Collins Piper noted there was also evidence pointing to Israeli involvement in the first attack on the World Trade Center, on 2-26-1993—a revelation in The Village Voice from respected journalist Robert I. Friedman but which, otherwise, only AMERICAN FREE PRESS dared to report.

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