By Pepe Escobar
Sept. 27, 2012

What’s that unheard-of political specimen spreading its wings over the geopolitical spectrum? It is aggressive as a hawk, compromising as a dove; it dances like a butterfly and stings like a bee. What kind of plumed composite is that? A hawdovebutterbee (HDBB)?

Get used to it. The HDBB happens to be no other than the President of the United States (POTUS), Barack Obama. Yet the question is inevitable. Will it fly?

POTUS as HDBB made a soaring entrance in front of official delegations of 192 countries at the annual UN General Assembly in New York. Here’s the 30-minute speech [1]. And here’s the little blue bird’s version. We’ll do everything to prevent Iran from going nuclear. We won’t abandon the protagonists of the Arab Spring. And we want regime change in Syria.

Mars, we got a problem. Iran is not about to obtain a nuclear weapon – according to the International Atomic Energy Agency and the rosary of US intel agencies. True protagonists of the Arab Spring – as in Bahrain – have already been abandoned. As for regime change in Syria, Washington has no qualms to work for it embedded with Salafi-jihadis.

HDBB once more peddled the US role of “defending democratic values around the world”.

What he could not possibly admit is that a “Greater” Middle East that truly follows voters’ wishes will hardly submit to Washington’s worldview – especially if Washington itself continues to be blindly subjected to every Israeli whim. HDBB himself could point to the new Egypt under a Muslim Brotherhood (MB) president as the best example.

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