Internet Success Shows Public is Ready for Mass Awakening

Dec. 14, 2012
Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth

Since its debut last year, our mini-documentary, Solving the Mystery of WTC7, has become one of the most popular and highest-rated 9/11 films on YouTube.

We are successfully reaching millions of people on the Internet through different channels, and our latest groundbreaking documentaries have been at the forefront of that success. More viewers are being introduced to AE911Truth and the evidence we present on the Web than ever before. The following milestones are bringing us closer to a critical mass of public awareness to the 9/11 evidence, which is key to securing an independent WTC investigation – and your support has made them possible.

1) Our 15-minute mini-documentary, Architects & Engineers: Solving The Mystery of WTC 7, is about to reach 1 million views on YouTube! The film, narrated by Ed Asner, is so effective that nobody with even a quarter of an open mind watches it and continues to believe the “official conspiracy theory” endorsed by NIST and the 9/11 Commission.

The implications of WTC 7 being an explosive controlled demolition are far too obvious to ignore. This compelling introduction to 9/11 Truth opens newcomers to the evidence regarding the Twin Towers as presented in our newest full-length documentary, 9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out.

We have also put the film on a mini-DVD that fits right into your shirt pocket or micro purse and is perfect to hand to anyone you meet. Buy a pack today from our online store so you’ll be ready for the next opportunity to enlighten your friends, family, coworkers and strangers. It’s small but powerful, and it also makes a great stocking stuffer for the holidays.

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