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by Doug Bandow

Chuck Hagel is the Neoconservatives’ worst nightmare. A decorated combat veteran who disdains promiscuous war-making. A conservative Republican who rejects a foreign policy of wandering the globe bombing, invading, and occupying other nations. A supporter of Israel who won’t subcontract his judgment to the demands of Israel’s Likud Party.

No wonder the usual suspects responded in the usual way. By calling Hagel an anti-Semite.

There are anti-Semites in the world. They should be reviled and resisted. Israel’s Yad Vashem illustrates the horrific consequences when genuine anti-Semites gain political power.

Chuck Hagel is no anti-Semite.

The former senator is under consideration for Secretary of Defense because he would be an excellent choice. He is more of an interventionist than I am. But he offers a thoughtful, realistic, and measured perspective that has been largely lacking in Washington, especially over the last decade. As my Cato Institute colleague Chris Preble put it, Hagel’s nomination “should be welcomed by anyone frustrated by years of war and foreign meddling, and out-of-control spending at the Pentagon. Which is to say, nearly everyone.”

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