The Journal of 9/11 Studies Letters
December 2012
By Don Paul

Marie Harrison, former columnist for the San Francisco Bay View and a co- founder of Housing Is a Human Right, used to say with irony about a point or reality that she wished would be obvious to those whom she was trying to reach: “I’m trying to tell you.”
We of the movement that’s come to be known as “9/11 Truth” have been trying to tell the world, over the past decade, about obvious holes in the Official Story for the crimes of September 11, 2001 in the United States.

We’ve largely succeeded, I think.

Our efforts through books and other print-media, websites, DVDs, and personal appearances have made obvious realities about September 11, 2001 widely known. Our facts-based questioning of the plainly impossible Official Conspiracy Theory (or O. C.T.) is now shared by a majority in the U.S. and by a much greater majority of the Earth’s population.

We’ve noted that jet fuel can’t burn hot enough to even begin deformation of columns and beams of structural steel that are as much as four feet thick in their breadth. We’ve shown debris of each descending Twin Tower fall at the same speed as the skyscraper is plummeting straight-down, through its structure of columns and beams. We’ve pointed out telling details such as spews and pools of molten metal within the event and the aftermath of each Twin Towers’ destruction.

We’ve pointed out that for buildings to explode into dust–100-micron size particles within two seconds of the onset of each Twin Towers’ destruction, as one matter of fact–these buildings must have been exploded into dust by something more powerful than Potential Gravitational Energy. We’ve noted that World Trade Center Building 7 also descended into its own footprint at a speed very near free-fall, at 5:20 on the afternoon of 9/11/01, though this 47-story skyscraper lacked the distracting assistance of an airliner’s crash into it. We’ve noted that telltales of rooftop inversion and serial squibs in Building 7’s implosion also reveal this building’s destruction to be a textbook example of controlled demolition.

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