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9/11 – A Cheap Magic Trick

How false flag attacks are manufactured by the world's elite.


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By Pepe Escobar
Sept. 27, 2013
Asia Times

If any extra evidence was needed to shatter the myth of a “revolution” struggling for a future “democratic” Syria, the big news of the week cleared any remaining doubts.

Eleven, 13 or 14 “rebel” brigades (depending on the source) have ditched the “moderate”, US-propped Syrian National Council (SNC) and the not-exactly Free Syrian Army (FSA). The leaders of the bunch are the demented jihadis of Jabhat al-Nusra – but it includes other nasties such as the Tawhid brigades and the Tajammu Fastaqim Kama Ummirat in Aleppo, some of them until recently part of the collapsing FSA.

The jihadis practically ordered the myriad “moderates” to submit, “unify in a clear Islamic frame”, and pledge allegiance to a future Syria with Sharia law as “the sole source of legislation”.

One Ayman al-Zawahiri must be having a ball in his comfortable, drone-proof hideout somewhere in the Waziristans. Not only because his call for a multinational jihad – a la Afghanistan in the 1980s – is working; but also because the US-run SNC has been exposed for the toothless rodent that it really is.

And facts on the ground keep corroborating it. The al-Qaeda-propped Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant took over a town near the Bab al-Salam border crossing with Turkey that was held by the FSA because the FSA was accused of fighting for “democracy” and close ties with the West. Wrong; the FSA wants those ties but under a Muslim Brotherhood-controlled regime. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant – of which Jabhat al-Nusra is the main Syrian component – wants a Talibanized Syriastan.

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Here are the original additional 40 interviews from the Meet the Experts Bonus Disk which is included in the plastic-cased DVD “9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out”.

The DVD is available from Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

Pulitzer Prize winner explains how to fix journalism, saying press should ‘fire 90% of editors and promote ones you can’t control

The Guardian
September 27, 2013
by Lisa O’Carroll

Seymour Hersh
Seymour Hersh exposed the My Lai massacre during the Vietnam war, for which he won the Pulitzer Prize. Photograph: Wally McNamee/Corbis

Seymour Hersh has got some extreme ideas on how to fix journalism – close down the news bureaus of NBC and ABC, sack 90% of editors in publishing and get back to the fundamental job of journalists which, he says, is to be an outsider.

It doesn’t take much to fire up Hersh, the investigative journalist who has been the nemesis of US presidents since the 1960s and who was once described by the Republican party as “the closest thing American journalism has to a terrorist”.

He is angry about the timidity of journalists in America, their failure to challenge the White House and be an unpopular messenger of truth.

Don’t even get him started on the New York Times which, he says, spends “so much more time carrying water for Obama than I ever thought they would” – or the death of Osama bin Laden. “Nothing’s been done about that story, it’s one big lie, not one word of it is true,” he says of the dramatic US Navy Seals raid in 2011.

Hersh is writing a book about national security and has devoted a chapter to the bin Laden killing. He says a recent report put out by an “independent” Pakistani commission about life in the Abottabad compound in which Bin Laden was holed up would not stand up to scrutiny. “The Pakistanis put out a report, don’t get me going on it. Let’s put it this way, it was done with considerable American input. It’s a bullshit report,” he says hinting of revelations to come in his book.
The Obama administration lies systematically, he claims, yet none of the leviathans of American media, the TV networks or big print titles, challenge him.

“It’s pathetic, they are more than obsequious, they are afraid to pick on this guy [Obama],” he declares in an interview with the Guardian.

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On September 25th, 2013, the Dallas Observer, with a circulation of over 77,000, published an article about the billboard located on southbound Stemmons Freeway (I-35) near the Oak Lawn exit.

The article included the statement that: We apologize in advance for this particular item, thus proving once again the poor critical thinking skills of most of those in the media.

From the article:
By Brantley Hargrove
Sep. 25 2013

You had to know that the World Trade Center attacks on September 11, 2001, would spawn a host of conspiracy theories, like the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and Pearl Harbor before it. So, we here at the Dallas Observer office weren’t all that suprised to receive multiple hand-mailed letters from the Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, informing us that its campaign to expose the real story behind the fall of the Twin Towers had come to the City of Hate, on a nearby stretch of Stemmons Freeway between Oak Lawn and Market Center.

It reads, “Did you know a 3rd tower fell on 9/11?” and provides a link to its website, “Trust Your Eyes, the Facts, and the Laws of Physics,” a pamphlet implores readers, before attempting to dismantle the report from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, which concluded that the root cause of the collapse was an “office furnishings-fueled blaze” that burned uncontrollably in the third tower, WTC 7. These fires weakened and unseated a steel girder, whose failure caused a cascade of floor failures. The report found that if the building’s sprinkler system had worked (water pipes were damaged by the collapse of the twin towers) WTC 7 might still be standing.

This group, one of many such organizations, claims however that WTC 7 falls all too “uniformly through what was the path of greatest resistance.” “A single, localized failure…NIST’s unseated girder could not cause the systematic and total failure of 400 other structural steel connections per second.”

It could, NIST reports, if WTC 7 had long, unsupported floor spans, which it did.

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by Paul Craig Roberts
Sept. 24, 2013

The war criminal barack obama has declared his “outrage” over the 62 deaths associated with the takeover of a Nairobi, Kenya, shopping mall by al-Shabaab fighters. But the attack on the shopping mall was obama’s fault. Al Shabaab spokesmen said that the attack on the Nairobi mall was a retaliatory response to the Kenyan troops sent to fight against them in Somalia. The Kenyan troops, of course, were sent to Somalia as a result of pressure from Washington.

Just as the outbreak of violence in Mali resulted from the fighters that obama used against Gaddafi moving into Mali, Washington’s violence against Somalia has resulted in the terrorist attack on the Nairobi mall.

This fact again raises the never asked question: What is the real agenda of Washington’s “war on terror”? The western presstitutes never ask this question, nor do western legislative bodies.

Washington has offered a variety of justifications for its twelve years of wars. One is that
Washington is rooting out terrorism in order to protect Americans from 9/11 type events. Another is that “dictators” must be overthrown and replaced with “freedom and democracy.” Still another is false claims of the possession of “weapons of mass destruction” (Iraq) and the use of “weapons of mass destruction” (Syria).

None of Washington’s claims can withstand the barest scrutiny. None of the governments that Washington has overthrown and seeks to overthrow are terrorist states. Indeed, some are not even Islamist governments. Saddam Hussein’s Iraq had a secular government, as does Assad’s Syria.

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Written by ReThink911
Sunday, 22 September 2013

Accomplished international civil rights attorney Dr. William Pepper speaks to Times Square crowd on 9/11

Last week was an unprecedented moment in our collective efforts to educate the public about 9/11 and generate outcry for a new investigation. On the streets of New York City and other cities around the world, we witnessed an outpouring of actions showing a renewed energy and hope that we will turn the tide. Meanwhile, ReThink911 made its first major breakthrough into the mainstream news with Time US’s coverage and with the controversy that has erupted across Canada in response to ReThink911’s Ottawa bus ads.

ReThink911 Takes New York City by Storm

ReThink911 took to the streets early on the morning of September 11, joining 30 other 9/11 groups in observing a vigil and distributing brochures at Ground Zero. We then marched up the street to the New York City Council to deliver our ReThink911 VIP Packs to all 51 council members. After that we went via the subway to Democracy Now, then marched to the New York Times, MSNBC, FOX, CNN, CBC and ABC to deliver more VIP Packs. We ended the day in Times Square under ReThink911’s towering 54-foot billboard with a historic rally featuring renowned speakers Dr. William Pepper, Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, Richard Gage, AIA and several other inspiring voices.

We invite you to watch all the speeches as well as a recap of the NYC tour, and read Jerry Mazza’s article about the events.

We’ve been hearing about many amazing local actions that took place around the 12th anniversary. Send us your stories, photos and videos, and we will post them on Please contact our Action Group Leader Pam Senzee at ReThink911 [[[at]]]

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By Pepe Escobar
September 19, 2013
Asia Times

The stage is set. By now it’s established Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei has given full authority to the new administration of President Hassan Rouhani to talk directly to Washington about Iran’s nuclear program.

This happened only a few days after US President Barack Obama leaked that letters had been exchanged between himself and Rouhani.

Rouhani’s empowerment was first confirmed later last week by extremely credible former nuclear negotiator ambassador Seyed Hossein Mousavian in this op-ed published in Japan. Mousavian was Rouhani’s deputy in Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) from 1997 to 2005. Then Rouhani himself expanded on it this Wednesday in an interview with NBC.

It’s crucial to consider the Supreme Leader’s exact position. This past Tuesday, he addressed the elite of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) in Tehran. [1] The key quote: “We don’t accept nuclear weapons, not for the sake of the US or others, but because of our beliefs, and when we say that no one should have nuclear weapons, certainly we are not after them either.”

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By Stephen Lendman
Global Research
September 19, 2013

Consensus 9/11 seeks “best evidence” proof. It does so to dispel official story falsehoods. It’s founded on:

“(1) The opinions of respected authorities, based on professional experience, descriptive studies, and reports of expert committees.

(2) Physical data in the form of photographs, videotapes, court testimony, witness reports, and FOIA releases.

(3) Direct rather than circumstantial evidence.”

Determining “best evidence” depends on “integrating individual professional expertise with the best available documentary and scientific evidence.”

Simplified Delphi methodology is followed. It’s often used “where published information is inadequate or non-existent.” Experts use “best evidence” to determine truth.

Doing so is similar to how doctors diagnose illnesses. It’s like forecasts made on best judgments.

It’s based on the principle that structured groups of individuals are more accurate than unstructured ones.

It encourages revisions based on new evidence. It’s a way to determine truth. It’s done so independently and objectively. Its track record shows effectiveness.

9/11 is the Big Lie of our time. Distinguished scholars like David Ray Griffin researched it exhaustively. In 10 books, articles and lectures, he provided evidence too important to ignore.

In April 2006, he discussed “9/11: The Myth and the Reality,” saying:

“It would seem, for many reasons, that the official story of 9/11, which has served as a religious Myth in the intervening years (and still does), is a myth in the pejorative sense of a story that does not correspond to reality.”

In September 2008, Griffin headlined his article “September 11, 2001: 21 Reasons to Question the Official Story about 9/11.”

The FBI admitted it “ha(d) no hard evidence connecting” 9/11 to bin Laden.

So-called devout Muslim alleged hijackers drank heavily, frequented strip clubs and paid for sex.

Technology in 2001 made cell phone calls made from above 30,000 feet impossible.

The FBI lied claiming Mohamed Atta’s left behind luggage contained “decisive evidence” about Al Qaeda responsibility for the attacks.

Passports allegedly found at United 93′s crash site were fake ones.

Alleged hijackers weren’t aboard the four fateful flights.

Standing operating intercept procedures weren’t followed.

Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta said Dick Cheney “apparently confirmed a stand-down order” prior to an alleged plane striking the Pentagon.

The 9/11 whitewash Commission deleted Mineta’s comment from its official report.

Secret Service agents let Bush remain at a Sarasota, FL school for 30 minutes after learning about the second twin tower strike.

Standard procedure calls for securing his safety immediately in case of potential danger.

Jet fuel doesn’t heat high enough to melt or cause rigid steel columns to crumble.

Doing so is “scientifically impossible.” Controlled demolitions destroyed both towers. Building 7 fell the same way. Griffin included other spurious lies.

He concluded saying growing numbers of “physicists, chemists, architects, engineers, pilots, former military officers, and former intelligence officers reject the official 9/11 myth.”

It’s a bald-faced lie. It’s the Big Lie of our time. It launched 12 years of direct and proxy wars. It facilitated homeland repression.

The worst of what happened shows no signs of ending. New wars are planned. Freedom is being systematically destroyed. America more than ever is unfit to live in. Humanity’s increasingly threatened.

Consensus 9/11 “Factual Evidence Contradicts the 9/11 story.” Its official account:

launched multiple wars of aggression;
“authorize(d) torture, military tribunals, and extraordinary rendition(s);” and
replaced constitutional freedoms with tyranny.
Official 9/11 claims are refuted by “scientific consensus best evidence.” Sunshine is the best disinfectant. Consensus 9/11 compiled 37 important Consensus Points.

They’re compiled in 10 categories. They include:

General Consensus Points

Consensus Points about the Twin Towers

Consensus Points about the Collapse of World Trade Center 7

Consensus Points about the Pentagon

Consensus Points about the 9/11 Flights

Consensus Points about US Military Exercises On and Before 9/11

Consensus Points about the Political and Military Commands on 9/11

Consensus Points about Hijackers on 9/11

Consensus Points about the Phone Calls on 9/11 (and)

Consensus Points about Official Video Exhibits Regarding 9/11

On September 12, 23 9/11 Consensus Panel members released five new consensus points.

(1) On 9/11, New York and neighboring states’ seismograph stations detected seismic waves. They did so when both towers were struck.

Lamont Doherty-Earth Observatory (LDEO) scientists published seismographic wave data analysis.

FEMA and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) used it in their publications discussing what happened.

So did the 9/11 Commission. It omitted confirming LDEO analysis of plane impact times. It based its conclusions on ground radar data.

“(I)ndependent analyses have disputed LDEO’s conclusions and thereby the conclusions reached by FEMA and NIST.”

They dispute 9/11 Commission conclusions. Plane impacts caused seismic waves. They were used to determine when both plane impacts occurred and each building collapsed.

In 2006, independent Craig Furlong and Gordon Ross (CR/GR) engineering research showed “plane impacts could not have caused the seismic signals attributed to them by LDEO, because they originated several seconds before the 9/11 Commission’s radar-based times of impact.”

Most likely, seismic events followed “explosions in the basements of the Twin Towers, for which there is abundant physical and testimonial evidence.”

Other independent analysis confirms CR/GR analysis. LDEO and 9/11 Commission reports are flawed and inaccurate.

Consensus 9/11 concluded that:

“The discrepancies described above indicate that the LDEO conclusions about the nature of the events that generated the signals recorded at Palisades cannot be correct.”

”Most strikingly, the ground radar data, which is very precise, showed WTC 1 to have been struck 15 seconds later than the Palisades-recorded seismic activity, which LDEO scientists attributed to an airplane impact.”

”The radar also shows WTC 2 to have been struck later than the seismic activity attributed to it.”

”The seismic activity, therefore, must have been produced by something other than the crashes of the airliners into the two buildings.”

(2) Physical and testimonial evidence about why both towers collapsed refute official accounts. They attribute collapse to plane impacts and resulting fires.

Independent evidence challenges both conclusions. NIST claimed no evidence of explosions “below the impact and fire floors.”

Testimonial and physical evidence shows “the official story – in any of its versions – to be false.” Controlled Demolition, Inc. head Mark Loizeaux said:

”If I were to bring the towers down, I would put explosives in the basement to get the weight of the building to help collapse the structure.”

”Many firefighters and others reported explosions below the impact and fire floors.”

According to firefighter Edward Cachi:

”As my officer and I were looking at the South Tower, it just gave. It actually gave at a lower floor, not the floor where the plane hit.”

”(I)t went in succession, boom, boom, boom, boom, and then the tower came down.”

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