By Pepe Escobar
September 9, 2013
Asia Times

There is nothing tragic about the Obama presidency, capable of drawing the analytical talents of a neo-Plutarch or a neo-Gibbon. This is more like a Pirandello farce, a sort of Character in Search of An Author.

Candidates to Author are well documented – from the Israel lobby to the House of Saud, from a select elite of the industrial-military-security complex to, most of all, the rarified banking/financial elite, the real Masters of the Universe. Poor Barack is just a cipher, a functionary of empire, whose ”deciding” repertoire barely extends to what trademark smile to flash at the requisite photo-ops.

There’s nothing ”tragic” about the fact that during this week – marking the 12th anniversary of 9/11 – this presidency will be fighting for its bombing ”credibility” trying to seduce Republican hawks in the US Congress while most of the warmongers du jour happen to be Democrats.

Republicans are torn between supporting the president they love to hate and delivering him a stinging rebuke – as much as they are aching to follow the orders of their masters, ranging from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee to military contractors. Once again, this is farce – caused by the fact that a man elected to finish off wars is eager to start yet another one. And once again without a United Nations vote.

The White House ”strategy” in this crucial negotiating week boils down to this; to convince the US Congress that the United States must start a war on Syria to punish an ”evil dictator” – once again, as bad as Hitler – for gassing children. The evidence? It’s ”indisputable”.

Well, it’s not ”irrefutable”. It’s not even ”beyond-a-reasonable-doubt”. As Obama’s Chief of Staff Denis McDonough admitted, with a straight face, it boils down to ”a quite strong common sense test, irrespective of the intelligence, that suggests that the regime carried this out”.

So if this is really about ”common sense”, the president is obviously not being shown by his close coterie of sycophants this compendium of common sense, compiled by a group of top, extremely credible former US intelligence officials, which debunks all the ”evidence” as flawed beyond belief. To evoke a farce from 12 years ago, this clearly seems to be a case of ”facts being fixed around the policy”.

And to compound the farce, this is not even as much about Syria per se as about ”sending a message to Iran”, code for ”if you keep messing with us, you’re going to be bombed.”

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