Written by Dick Scar, BSAE
Tuesday, 10 September 2013
AE911 Truth

Courageous Patriot, Scholar, and Supporter of AE911Truth

Editor’s note: Dr. Bob Bowman appears in the landmark AE911Truth documentary 9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out, in which he declares, “I signed that petition because the American people need the truth about 9/11.” In honor of Dr. Bowman, we will keep his signature on our petition.

Dr. Robert Bowman was one of the first prominent voices to take a stand for 9/11 Truth

We were privileged to have Dr. Bob Bowman on our side. He passed away while battling cancer on August 22nd at his home in Melbourne, FL.

Bob earned his PhD in aeronautics and nuclear engineering at Caltech. He retired as a lieutenant colonel after 22 years in the Air Force, which included 101 missions as a fighter pilot in Vietnam. While he is best known for his role as Director of Advanced Space Programs for the Air Force during the Ford and Carter Administrations, he was also a leading critic of the “Star Wars” direction of the program during the Reagan Administration.

Bob won the Democratic primary for Florida’s 15th Congressional District seat in 2006 as an outspoken Scholar for 9/11 Truth. During the campaign, he said of the government’s refusal to release key 9/11 evidence, “If they have nothing to hide, why are they hiding everything?

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