Oct 25, ’13
By Pepe Escobar
Asia Times Online

The favorite geopolitical sport du jour is to deconstruct the reasons why the House of Saud – that marriage of hyper-absolute monarchy and Wahhabi fanatics – has gone completely bonkers, with the ineffable Bandar Bush in the frontline.

They are terrified with the possibility that the 34-year Wall of Mistrust between Washington and Tehran finally tumbles down. They are terrified that those American infidels refused to fight “our” regime change war on Syria. They were horrified by (mild) criticism about hardcore repression in Bahrain (which was invaded by Saudi in 2011, by the way). They abhor the American worshipping of that weird deity – democracy – that allowed friendly tyrants in Tunisia and Egypt to be abandoned (Libya is different; King Abdullah had wanted Gaddafi snuffed since at least 2002).

The House of Saud is so mad as hell at the Obama administration that even “all options” are supposed to be “on the table”. Which begs the question; what if Riyadh is actually dreaming of pivoting to China?

Beijing’s self-described “socialism with market characteristics” badly needs Saudi oil; after all the House of Saud is already China’s top supplier. King Abdullah looks East and what he sees is an aspiring superpower, flush with unlimited cash, which will never dream of interfering in Saudi internal affairs, not to mention contemplate toxic Arab Spring ideas.

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