Written by Pamela Senzee
Monday, 21 October 2013

Constituents Join AE911Truth Experts in DC Congressional Meetings

Architect Richard Gage, AIA, Barbara Honegger, MS, and Pamela Senzee stand in from of the U.S. Science Committee emblem in the Halls of the U.S. Senate in Washington DC

The ReThink911 congressional outreach effort was a resounding success on September 16 – with over a dozen constituents seeking meetings with their Senators to discuss the 9/11 evidence. They were joined by AE911Truth founder Richard Gage, AIA, former Reagan White House policy analyst Barbara Honegger, M.S.

The team gathered in front of the U.S. Senate offices and proceeded to deliver packets of information about the destruction of the Twin Towers and Building 7 to legislative correspondents. Most of the recipients seemed genuinely interested in passing along the information to the senators.

We even met up with Senator Jay Rockefeller in the hallway and walked awhile with him, telling him about the third tower that fell on 9/11, and provided him a VIP packet of DVDs and literature. Take that, Jay!

The most memorable experiences involved giving ReThink911 presentations to both of the Arizona senators’ offices.

At the office of Arizona Senator Jeff Flake, we met with his legislative correspondent, Ben Sundholm. We walked in without an appointment and talked to him for over 45 minutes, tag-teaming him with vital 9/11 information – led by Gage and Honegger. Sundholm asked intelligent questions and seemed quite engaged during the entire presentation. Who could blame him? He was surrounded by two of 9/11 Truth’s top speakers!

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