Written by AE911Truth Staff
18 December 2013

To support the Rethink 9/11 campaign inexpensively, activists in Connecticut took a novel approach to doing outreach by creating homemade Rethink911 banners. Local organizer Wayne Coste, PE, said that, “One of the issues when doing outreach is how many people will see the message and how much effort it will take. Our group did not have the funds for paid advertising, so we decided to try a homemade traveling billboard. Furthermore, it could be made to be fun, and that is a definite bonus.”

Co-organizer Carl Henry Seeger said, “One of our members was able to print off a series of 11×17 color segments that could be taped together into a double-sided banner.”

Put together using fourteen 11×17 color sheets. Edges were trimmed and then taped together to create a single sheet

Seeger continued, “The first public showing of the homemade banner was in the 2013 Willimantic Boom Box Parade. Now this is a parade where anyone can march or enter a float and the only requirement is to wear some red, white, and blue, and bring a radio tuned to WILI (1400-AM). Because there is no “official” theme for the parade, we decided to put the banner on a trailer hauled by a bicycle.”

Wayne designed the trailer, then built it out of PVC pipes and some wheels borrowed from a child’s bicycle trailer. As a result, several thousand parade viewers were exposed to the Rethink911 message by this banner.

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