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Want to take a peak at what is in those 28 pages that were blacked out of the Joint Inquiry?

A meeting between Prince Bandar, the brother in law of the head of Saudi Intelligence, and Governor George Bush, CIA headquarters is named after his father.


“My dad told me before I make up my mind, go and talk to Bandar. One, he’s our friend. Our means America, not just the Bush family. Number two, he knows everyone around the world who counts. And number three, he will give you his view on what he sees happening in the world.”

“There are people who are your enemies in this country,” Bush said, “who also think my dad is your friend.”
“So?” asked Bandar, not asking who, though the reference was obviously to supporters of Israel, among others.
Bush said in so many words that the people who didn’t want his dad to win in 1992 would also be against him if he ran. They were the same people who didn’t like Bandar.

“Can I give you one advice?” Bandar asked.
“Mr. Governor, tell me you really want to be president of the United States.”
Bush said yes.
“And if you tell me that. I want to tell you one thing. To hell with Saudi Arabia or who likes Saudi Arabia or who doesn’t, who likes Bandar or doesn’t. Anyone who you think hates your dad or your friend who can be important to make a difference in winning, swallow your pride and make friends of them. And I can help you. I can help you out and complain about you, make sure they understand that, and that will make sure they help you.”
Bush recognized the Godfather’s advice. Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. But he seemed uncomfortable and remarked that that wasn’t particularly honest.
“Never mind if you really want to be honest,” Bandar said. “This is not a confession booth. If you really want to stick to that, just enjoy this term and go do something fun. In the big boy’s game, it’s cuttthroat, it’s bloody and it’s not pleasant.” -pages 4-5

In June 1999, while Governor of Texas, Bush announced his candidacy for President of the United States.

While George Bush would win the Presidential election in Late 2000, and a new Vice President, a new Secretary of Defense, a new Secretary of State, and a new National Security Advisor would take their offices. The CIA Director would remain the same. So would the counter terrorism Czar, Richard Clarke but for some unexplained reason Clarke was demoted with the arrival of the new Administration.

“Some CIA sources say that George Tenet set the tone for the CIA’s Saudi relationship by relying heavily on developing close relationships with top Saudi officials, including Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz, then the Saudi ambassador to the United States. Tenet met regularly with the Saudi ambassador. CIA officers familiar with the agency’s relationship with Saudi Arabia say that about once a month, Tenet would slip away from CIA headquarters and travel to Bandar’s nearby estate in McLean, Virginia, for quiet talks.”

“Bandar and Tenet had a very close relationship,” said one CIA officer. “Bandar had a unique role, he was in charge of the American relationship for Saudi Arabia.”

“But some CIA officers handling Saudi issues complain that Tenet would not tell them what he had discussed with Bandar, making it difficult for agency officials to know the nature of any deals their boss was arranging with the Saudis.” page 188

Meanwhile “The Planes Operation” which was an idea of KSM and his former co-horts Ramzi Yousef and Abdul Murad and known about for years by the intelligence agencies*(1) which is one reason why he was already wanted under a sealed indictment, was no longer an idea, but was becoming operational. CIA and NSA were monitoring Al Qaeda’s communication switchboard in Yemen where future 9/11 hijacker Khalid al-Mihdhar happened to live and so knew of a planned meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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