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INTERVIEW WITH RICK WILES ON TRU-NEWS (note: best to ignore the introduction by Wiles)

Jan 27th: discussion of zombie banks, Syrian ulterior motive for war, US vulnerability to obstruct the war, the diverse events on the Petro-Dollar demise with the Saudi transition to radical enemy foe but with the Iran transition to constructive cog in the Persian Gulf, the ulterior motives for the Cyprus bank assault against Russia’s Gazprom Bank, the ulterior motives for the Greek Govt bailouts to block Russian control through liquidation asset purchase of the Greek energy pipelines, the many sides of Germany where half are loyal to the Anglo bankers but half are commercially developed toward Russia where the NSA spy flap has taken a new side of corporate trade secret thefts with blackmail, the Saudi terrorist element in association with Al-Qaeda versus Putin that will motivate the Kremlin to put the end of the Petro-Dollar by pushing the Saudis into embracing Russian oil pricing in Chinese Yuan terms that launch the Petro-Yuan, and the pair of defaults in the United States with the first being the actual USGovt debt default in progress while the second possibly being the IRS tax secure stream derivative contract default that resulted in a forced JPMorgan HQ distressed property sale, the climax event being the Chinese buyout of the USFed at the end of its 100-year contract, with a split of the USDollar to occur where China becomes steward for the foreign USD but a new Shit Dollar run by the USDept Treasury is launched and then repeatedly subjected to heavy devaluation, the final story given the Panama gold repository with a private side to handle European bullion bank accounts and a public side to construct a gold-backed Balboa currency