The Government Is Always Right

by Philip Giraldi
February 11, 2014

Whenever one needs a good laugh there is almost always an obliging politician who can come up with something that makes the rest of us smile. Michigan Republican Mike Rogers, frequently noted scowling with a face radiating hostility that could curdle milk, chairs the House Intelligence Committee. He is much given to finding enemies under every rock and is not normally a laugh-a-minute type of guy, but he does have his moments.

Back in the days of the Roman Republic Cato the Elder would end every speech with the line, “Delenda est Carthago,” meaning Carthage, as it was a threat to Rome, must be destroyed. Rogers, like Cato, has not been shy about repeatedly conveying his perception of the terrible damage that Edward Snowden has done to national security, returning obsessively to the desirability of “getting” Snowden and anyone else associated with him. Rogers’ latest gambit, which is where the joke comes in, concerns how some journalists should be imprisoned because they are allegedly personally profiting from the secret documents that they have been given, he calls it “fencing stolen property.”

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