Architects and Engineers with 911 Truth
March 31, 2014

Toronto Star – Canada’s Highest-Circulation Newspaper Reports on ReThink911 Video Subway Ad Controversy – “New ad campaign in TTC stations presents alternative 9/11 theory – American group’s 15-second video promotes idea that World Trade Center Building 7 collapsed due to a controlled demolition.

A must-read article for anyone who wants to see the official 9/11 myth abolished to make way for a real investigation into 9/11 has been published in Global Research in their March 12, 2014 issue.

AE911Truth activist, Canadian Elizabeth Woodworth, brings us up-to-date on the stunning successes achieved by ReThink911 in bringing about a more accurate and fact-based discussion of the event.

Prominent in this success has been the campaign by ReThink 911 across the U.S. and Canada to raise public awareness.

This campaign has employed its ingenious blue and orange billboards and ads focusing on the “Achilles Heel” of the official theory, the destruction of WTC Building 7. This is truly an exciting time to be involved in the fight to bring the truth of 9/11 to light. For perhaps the first time since that day, the perpetrators of the cover-up are at last being confronted with public and media skepticism on an ever-expanding scale. For this achievement, thanks are due to the ReThink911 campaign and the efforts of the tireless campaigners in

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