Imperial Hypocrisy

by Nebojsa Malic
September 06, 2014


Events of the past two weeks have demonstrated once again that the Atlantic Empire regards humanity as nothing more than pieces on the game board. Wars in the Ukraine, Iraq and Syria, the ongoing meltdown of “liberated” Libya, the barbarous actions of ISIS – all consequences of imperial meddling, to greater or lesser extent – have all been invoked as excuses for more Empire: the “perpetual war for perpetual peace”, as Charles A Beard put it.

That, at least, was the message of the speech by the Emperor Himself, given in Talinn, Estonia on the eve of the NATO summit in Wales. It is an instructive case study in the insidious power of propaganda. C-SPAN has the video, while the White House has provided the transcript; you can compare the actual remarks, in context, with what the mainstream media have chosen to feature.

Dreams of Freedom

Emperor Obama began by praising the Estonians’ “dream of freedom,” which “endured through centuries of occupation and oppression” and was fought for by poets, protesters and “Forest Brothers” – a phrase that means nothing to most Americans, but in Estonia denotes the WW2 guerrillas who fought against the Soviets.

Some might object that praising the Baltic “freedom fighting” in WW2 is awkward because it involved the SS – except those SS are okay, because the Empire said so:

The Baltic Waffen SS Units (Baltic Legions) are to be considered as separate and distinct in purpose, ideology, activities, and qualifications for membership from the German SS, and therefore the Commission holds them not to be a movement hostile to the Government of the United States. (U.S. Displaced Persons Commission, 1950, cited here.)

Considering this isn’t the first time the Emperor re-imagined history, such disregard of inconvenient facts in favor of the preferred fantasy narrative ought not to come as a surprise. But the talk of “freedom” and “independence” in a country that has neither – Estonia is part of NATO and the EU, and thus effectively run from Washington and Brussels – represents rank hypocrisy.

In fact, the entire speech is one big exercise in pointing out motes in the eyes of others, while ignoring a beam in the Emperor’s own.


If repression of language and culture is so deplorable – as Emperor Obama implies by praising the Estonian resistance thereto – then why does Washington back the regime in Kiev doing just that to the Russian-speaking population of the Ukraine? And how was it proper for the Baltic States to separate from Russia (and later from the USSR), but not for Crimea to separate from Kiev?

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