Richard Gage, AIA
February 1, 2015

Fellow 9/11 Truth Advocates:

Imagine a small army of experts fanning out across the U.S. and beyond to give dozens of presentations each month, reaching thousands of audiences still unfamiliar with the World Trade Center evidence.

We’re calling it the “Truth-Teller” Project, and it’s one of AE911Truth’s key priorities for 2015. Now we’re counting on you to help make it a reality.

If you haven’t already, please visit our 2015 Membership Drive page today and commit to giving what you can toward building our army of expert speakers, and pursuing our other 2015 initiatives.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generosity and steadfast commitment to one of the most important causes of the 21st Century!

More About The “Truth-Teller” Project

Over the coming year, the goal of our Truth-Teller Project will be to build a team of a dozen well-trained expert speakers, each of whom will give a minimum of two presentations per month to audiences all over his or her region. All told, we’re talking at least six presentations a week—two dozen a month.

As we quadruple the number of presentations AE911Truth gives, we will aim to maximize the impact of those presentations by focusing on key audiences at universities, professional associations, and other relevant organizations. For each presentation, we’ll also work to ensure the maximum level of publicity from campus and local media.

As we see it, with 24 presentations a month, the Truth-Teller Project has the potential to draw thousands of new petition signers, influential allies, and positive media exposure. This will add a huge boost to our dissemination of the World Trade Center evidence, bringing us ever closer to the global 9/11 Truth awakening we all seek.

You Can Make It Possible

Like our ambitious research agenda for 2015, the Truth-Teller Project requires a sound financial foundation, and that is why we are asking you to become a sustaining member.

Please consider taking the all-important step that allows us to continue our work, and become a member today.